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A bit of context

It’s pretty much the birthright of every generation of young people to party hard, push the boundaries and generally question everything that our parents’ generation hold to be the irrevocable norm. So how is it that we all seem to have drunk the Kool-Aid and bought into this weird eccentricity of Australian culture that prescribes every social event with copious amounts of alcohol consumption?

Whether it’s catching up with an old friend, debriefing with colleagues after work or going on a first date, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that every occasion, big or small, should involve booze.

So it may not surprise you to learn there’s a growing movement of young people who are choosing not to drink alcohol—at least, not every time they go out and not to violent excess. It’s actually radical, in the truest sense of the word, to swim against the current and choose not to drink in a culture like ours that has alcohol infused in its DNA.

Here's the problem

People decide not to drink for lots of reasons: health/fitness goals, religious beliefs, addiction recovery, medical reasons (including pregnancy), not wanting to get sacked for telling your boss what you really think—the list goes on. None of these people want to sit at home by themselves on Saturday night watching reruns of Law & Order SVU (ok, some of them probably do, and tbh under certain circumstances that sounds like a pretty decent night).

I decided to kiss booze goodbye a little while ago, but I didn’t want to kiss my social life goodbye, so I still went out with my friends. Something I noticed pretty quick was just how hard it was to find a decent non-alcoholic beverage. I’m down for dancing and banter and I’m probably going to drive everyone home, but when I go to the bar the only option is a sickly-sweet lemon lime and bitters? What’s the deal?!

With fuck all decent non-alcoholic drinks available, I actually found that I began to isolate myself from social activities that involved alcohol. Why would I go out to a bar and drink something I wouldn’t even drink at home? This is actually a significant problem, because socialising is really important to maintaining goals related to reducing alcohol use. In fact, a lack of engagement in social activities makes it harder to overcome alcohol problems.

And this is what we’re doing about it

So—this is where Club Soda comes in. Our mission is to give people delicious alcohol-free alternatives at social events. Stuff people will actually want to drink, not because there are no other options, but because they taste fucking awesome.

You can join us

We are currently at a stage in our development where the costs to continue growing Club Soda exceed the financial capacity of the team. We have set a target of $10,000 for marketing, infrastructure and staff costs. The money contributed to this campaign will be used to continue building the organisation in a manner that ensures sustainable growth.

Here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can't live without

Drink(s) at Club Soda. Branded hoodie. Your name immortalised on our website. An events package. Or exclusive branding of our portable bar for one lucky organisation! Great perks. Now get donating, pals.

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