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At Climates, we believe climate change can bring people together to address our climate challenges

Many communities in the Australia-Pacific region are on the frontline of climate change. The impacts are affecting peoples’ lives today and are projected to intensify if business as usual continues.

A combination of sea level rise, erosion, and intensifying floods - enhanced by climate change effects - requires communities to relocate to drier and higher land. Increasing groundwater salinity on low lying islands is impacting access to fresh water for drinking and agriculture, and the increasing intensity of extreme weather events is threatening homes and whole communities.

But being on the frontline of climate change brings an opportunity to come together and be at the forefront of the solutions. Our mates in the Pacific are already demonstrating leadership, and we reckon that’s something worth getting behind!

What is being done?

Governments and development agencies are working to solve some of these problems, but many communities fall through the gaps unable to access responses that are appropriate for their circumstances.

We take an entirely different approach that keeps the communities’ interests front and center.

Climates was formed in 2015 by Jarrod Troutbeck and Holly Hyder who were concerned about the significant threats presented by climate change in the region. This came after more than two years of on-the-ground research and consultations across the Australia-Pacific to understand communities’ needs and concerns. They realised that climate change doesn’t need to be disempowering if we use it as a reason to bring us all together.

What is innovative about Climates is the way we are driven by friendship and led by the communities we support. Community-driven initiatives are the only way to address community-identified problems.

Climates connects local entrepreneurs and changemakers with the expertise that they need to realise their ambitions. We are currently partnered with five communities in Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, with plenty more in the pipeline. In Fiji, one of our partner communities are working with The University of Melbourne to develop a community resilience fund. This trust fund will empower communities to be able to both prepare for and respond to extreme weather events on their own terms, without relying on external support and being subjected to unrealistic donor demands. Importantly, this approach provides a potential model for other communities across our region.

In Australia, we host monthly Conversations on the science, impacts and solutions to climate change, and have recently commenced our quarterly Panel series on elevating the messages of fresh faces in the climate discussion. In addition to this, we provide project support to communities across the region who are concerned by their climate challenges. We link these communities with partners who have the capacity to support community-run climate resilience projects, such as the University of Melbourne and Qantas Future Planet.

From November 2017, two Australian Government-supported volunteer positions will commence in Fiji and provide the much needed presence Climates needs to expand our project and event support in the Pacific. This, together with a growing supporter base of over 80 volunteers, puts our organisation at a turning point and in increasing need of dedicated coordination.

To achieve this goal, we really need your support!

How you can join us!

By supporting Climates, you’re enabling a committed team of compassionate people to do their best work supporting our region’s communities being affected by climate change.

We need $50,000 to support our ambitious program of projects and events and to effectively manage and coordinate our large team of volunteers to achieve the scale of impact required. This will fund our very first paid staff member and crucial volunteer training and upskilling. We've come a long way with our volunteers, but it’s time to go to the next level!

We've got some great perks for those who help us raise the funds we need, to show our appreciation for your support! So please donate to our crowdfunder and share it on Social Media so that we can continue to help our mates across the Pacific.

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