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A Passion to Clean up Oceans & Beaches

Help me reach my goal of reducing plastic and marine litter, creating a community of beach cleaners helping to save some of the 100,000 animals killed each year by plastic and before it eventually starts killing us.

We have to act now while we still can, before these plastics become microplastics and are near impossible to clean up. The health of the ocean is crucial to the whole planet and yes YOU can do something to help save it.

A Little bit of Context

For us here in Switzerland, the oceans seem so far away but it will affect all of us if they die. The oceans give us every second breath and regulates the climate. The problems are so huge that the whole world must help now to stop these from getting worse.”

My name is Aidan and I wrote this for a school Project essay. I broke out off the classroom into the field, determine to make a real difference to help the ocean, starting right now.

Supported by my mum and dad I travelled to Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea to volunteer for a week at a turtle rescue center, wanting to make a real difference.

We were aware of marine litter issues and knowing that a loggerhead turtle from the rescue center (after recovering from surgery to remove a fishing hook from her throat) would be released during our stay,I started by cleaning her beach.

Then I started cleaning other beaches. I wanted to stop this beach plastic before it had a chance to go back to the oceans.

When the locals saw us they clapped and some joined in!

So I decided to make an app to encourage all people to join in, everyone, all over the world.

But There’s a Problem

The problem is, that there is more than 8,000,000 tonnes of litter entering the ocean every year. It has an average life of 1000 years and 65% of it is from us, the public- not big companies.

Some of this plastic is washed up on shores around the world. This is where some isolated groups are working to clean up, or it remains undetected only to be swept back out to sea in the next storm waves.

Here’s What we’re Doing About it!

I want this to be more than just an app, I want this to be an awareness project and to build a community of beach cleaners who want to clean beaches and/or connect those who are already doing just that.

At the moment we are all little drops in the ocean (so to speak) but if we join together we would be a huge wave that will make a difference.


The app has an interactive map that will make you able to report and "pin" litter to locate where in the world there are littered beaches or areas.

The app allows you to see when and where cleanups are taking place, make others aware of your planned events and make a difference by connecting people, to locate litter and clean beaches over the whole planet.

No matter if you are a group or a single child, united we will make a real difference to our beaches. Using our app will help stop the plastic at the beach before it’s swept out to sea, out of reach.

Aidan in Swiss & Spanish Media

Check it out! Aidan was in Switzerland’s largest newspaper!

Surfer Rule Wrote this article about Aidan & Clean Ocean:

Join us!

Here’s What we Will do With the Funds:

We need your help with funding and maintenance of the app and the goal to reach is CHF 25000, to cover the initial costs of development.

CHF 20,000: The funds will go to pay Afca, which is the software company who has put up their work and time to create this app up front and have agreed to a heavily discounted price from the actual cost.

CHF 5,000 to set up of Clean Oceans as offical group and any further funds will be used for maintenance of the app.

The app will be made free to the public as we want everyone to be able to use it.


Here’s some amazing "awareness perks" and gifts for supporting us and being a part of the change that is needed.

Products from Maistic:

Maistic makes 100% compostable every-day products, that you can get familiar with when supporting Clean Ocean with a donation.

Maistic provides a variety of products, like plastic bags, sponges kitchen rogs, dogbags and much more - ALL 100% compostable.

Product from SuperBee:

Book "Something in the Water" by Ben Starling:

The Lodge, Mountain Hut & Aare boat trip are the Klammer familys own business that they want to share with donors:

Alphut at 1800m:

Lodge at 1000m:

Aare Boat Trip:

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We will process the shipments of all gifts as fast as possible, but there will be a chance for delays - we appreciate your patience.


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