Clean Water for Iokea

By Hailey Atkinson

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A little bit of context

Papua New Guinea is a developing country in the southwest Pacific.  The Gulf Province is the poorest province in Papua New Guinea.

Nestled in the foothills of Gulf, you can find Iokea - a small village in the poorest province of a poverty-stricken country. 

The pidgin-speaking villagers need clean water and some will walk over 8km to get it.  A select few families have wells from which they get their water, but the cost of materials has prohibited the remote villages of Iokea from digging enough wells. 

For most families, well water is the only option for cooking, cleaning and drinking.  However, well water is easily contaminated.  A strategically placed 5000 litre tank could provide the population of >7000 with safe drinking water. 

But there’s a problem

For a third of every year, flooding wipes out the homes and roads in Gulf.  During the monsoon season, it is often not possible to travel in or out of Iokea as the roads are submerged in metres of water.  

The extreme excess of water is swiftly followed by a long, hard dry season.  With no water storage capabilities, the rainfall of the wet season cannot be rationed to help subsistence farmers for the rest of the year.  Crops cannot be sustained and clean drinking water thins.  

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are building one well and one tank to start!

With enough funding, we will:

  -Dig a well in a communal area of the village to create a proximate water supply for cooking and cleaning

  -Construct a tank at the church meeting point to service all of the surrounding villages with safe drinking water

Any money raised over the initial target will go towards building a second tank in a public area.


You can join us

100% of your money will go straight to the people of Iokea to construct their own water sources and create jobs for the local labourers in the process.

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved:

We are hoping to raise £1400 for the items listed above + transfer fees + a buffer for any unexpected costs. 

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Want to visit PNG?  You're in luck!

Margaret Chant, a local Iokean, phenomenal cook and all-around inspiring woman, is setting up Moroipi Eco Lodge in the village.  With access to a well and tank, 'conscious' tourism can boom,  creating jobs for locals and granting foreigners access to Iokea's beautiful landscapes.  

Come and see for yourself the difference you've made!

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