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A little bit of context

CKDC is a 501c3 nonprofit professional dance company in St. Louis, MO. Over the last 9.5 years, CKDC has cultivated an inclusive community that invites people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and express themselves through movement.

Our mission is to make dance accessible and create job opportunities for full-time artists. We value motion as a mutual experience shared among all people. We embrace individuals who seek to live a balanced life through art and more specifically, dance. We provide a sanctuary for artists to reveal or rediscover their potential as movers. By offering a flexible curriculum, we strengthen the practice of dance and choreography while creating opportunities to pursue careers in the performing arts.

In the past year alone, we have provided over 13,000 services in the St. Louis community. We have reached over 4,000 clients and granted over 300 scholarships for youth and adults in need. Our team of artists has doubled and generated over thirty original choreographic works for professional and public performances.

CKDC maintains an active presence in the St. Louis community contributing to over a dozen community cultural events each year including headliners like The Great Balloon Race, St. Louis Public Library, The St. Louis Art Fair, SLAM Underground, National Dance Week, Comic Con, Earth Day, RedBird Rookies and more. As a Kranzberg Arts Foundation Resident, CKDC supports other artists and organizations by contributing to shared projects and performances.

CKDC has intentionally built an environment that supports the busy lives of working professionals and families. Our studio is a safe, loving, judgement-free zone where everyone is welcome to express and create.

But there’s a problem

Unfortunately, we received word that our building is being sold and rezoned to residential. We are in desperate need of financial assistance in order to relocate and cover build-out expenses in our new studio. Without your support, our nonprofit will be unable to operate or further our mission.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

CKDC is currently under negotiations to rent a new space in our existing neighborhood. Staying in the Central West End allows us to continue serving our existing client base. We pride ourselves in our accessible location that allows us to reach families that can afford our fees alongside of families in need. We want to continue to offer top-notch dance education for everyone. Our move is also a move for growth, as our new space allows a much larger class capacity. With this increase in square footage comes the need to expand our floor, mirrors and overall increase in operational overhead.

You can join us

Help us keep the CKDC community alive by donating today. In order to continue to offer our services, we need financial support, please chose your Perk to donate today. You can make a larger impact by supporting us in more than one way! See additional ways to support below!

-Purchase a ticket to our Trivia Night, on Saturday, November 17, also the day of our Founder's birthday at

-Support our upcoming Student Dance Concert by purchasing a CKDC Build-A-Bear from our shop at

-Write us a letter of support to use in our campaign efforts, tell our potential donors what makes CKDC so special, we're going to contact Ellen!

-Leave a quick note on our Impact wall at the studio, post-it notes and markers are provided

-Purchase tickets to our upcoming Fall Dance Concert, Stasis at

-Buy us an item we need for the new studio at

-Help us spread the word. Share our fundraising campaign and use hashtags #CKDCOnTheMove and #movewithus

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We appreciate all our donors and we want to show it! Many of our artists are donating their time and expertise to offer you some incredble benefits for supporting. These benefits include private lessons, private parties, backstage access to upcoming concerts and more. Check out the detailed perks in each giving level.

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