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Homeschool Choir & Music Programs

We have a growing choir community with goals to travel and participate in the same festivals and events as public and private schools, but due to our homeschool status, our fees are sometimes higher. Contributions to Choice Education Network Inc, help support our classroom needs, travel budgets, and instruements for our general music programs which are open to all homeschoolers in our area.

Homeschool Clubs & Classes

Homeschooling can be tough and some subjects are just better taught and experienced with friends. Funding to Choice Education Network, Inc allows budget to hire teachers for specific skills or subjects, to rent space for group classes and to purchase supplies. Donations help keep our tuiton costs as low as possible to make these services available to as many homeschoolers in our area as possible.

Our Mission

We do not require memberships to our network to make participation in our classes and clubs as easy as possible. Families pay registration/facility fees, class tuitions and supply fees to cover our basic costs.

Donations and sponsorships help us keep these rates low and provide a fund to scholarship families who qualify for financial assistance.

Our organization networks within our community to find existing resources available from public libraries, communtiy centers, private businesses and individuals first in an effort to support our local commerce by hiring existing services to meet our educational needs. If services are not available or not easily accessibe or affordable, Choice Education Network, Inc works to provide the needed classes or resources to our homeschoolers.

We believe that making connections between families and businiesses are wonderful tools to support one another. Homeschooling and "alternative education" models are on the rise. We aim to provide support for families needing something different, something more, something specific for their families education goals. YOU CAN HELP!

You can join us

We obtained nonprofit status in May of 2019. Our goal is to raise much needed start up funds to properly outfit our most requested homeschool classes - Music Education and Science!

We are working to build an "Orff Classroom" for fall 2020 complete with beautiful instruments and experienced teachers to provide one of the best models for "one room school house" music educaiton.

S.T.E.A.M Clubs, Robotics and Computer Science classes. These subjects are becoming challenging for even our most tenured public school teahers to offer, let alone the everyday household. We are working to bring training and curriculum for both adult and youth students, regardless as to where they "school." Technology is changing every day, we aim to help our community stay at the top of developing technology.

Visit our site and follow us on facebook

See your contributions in action! Our online galleries and events are publicly advertised and our sponsors and contributors are heros that helped make it all happen.

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