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By Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project

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In April 2016, we launched, an interactive website that helped people understand their rights when faced with a myki fine. At the time, people had to choose between a $75 on-the-spot penalty fare (that could not be challenged) or $229 fine (that could be challenged). Thankfully, on 1 January 2017 on-the-spot penalty fares were abolished!

Unfortunately, that means our website is out of date, and we need your help to update it.

Why update the website?

Since on-the-spot penalty fines have been abolished, the Department of Transport has updated its policies for reviewing reports from Authorised Officers and applications for internal review.

While some of these changes have been positive, they haven’t been clearly communicated to commuters. We still receive emails every week from people concerned about their myki fine.

We will update the website to reflect these changes, to ensure people understand the new system and can assert their rights within it.

When we built the website, it was initially coded entirely by our wonderful designer Andrew Dore. Now, with the help of web developer Taran Hubbert, we want to ensure the website can be easily updated in the future if the law changes again. This means building a content management system, which takes more time, and money.

What we’ll do with the funds

Up until now, everyone involved in has donated their time and expertise to the project. Raising this money will enable us to pay them properly. We’ve already secured $4985 from the Victoria Law Foundation, which will pay for the website design, build and upkeep, as well as a run of 200 myki-shaped business cards to hand out on launch day.

But we need another $2,000 to pay for communications, copywriting and management of the project.

Any extra money raised will go towards paying any overtime worked by Andrew, Taran, Emma and Sam, as well as sustaining the website into the future, for example further updates or responding to email queries.

Who we are

Liberty Victoria’s Rights Advocacy Project (RAP) is a community of lawyers and activists working to advance human rights in Australia.

Emma Buckley Lennox is a co-creator of and is the deputy chair of RAP, and has worked in media for more than six years.

Sam Flynn is a co-creator of, a co-founder of a legal technology start-up called Josef Legal, and is currently undertaking an associate degree in professional writing and editing.

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Team Members

Emma Buckley Lennox