Child psychiatrist for unaccompanied minor refugees, Greece

By Kinoniko EKAV - Social First Aid Greek Team

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Refugee Crisis in Greece and Unaccompanied Refugee Minors

The recent surge of refugees fleeing war and persecution into Europe has led to a great humanitarian tragedy in the world. Greece currently hosts approximately 110,000 refugees who can no longer legally travel deeper into Europe.

Among the people forced to embark on this daunting journey to escape war, are several children who end up in Greece unaccompanied. They are the most vulnerable group among the refugees and they reach the number approximately of 4,800 children

Studies about unaccompanied refugee minors showed that they are a highly vulnerable group who have greater psychiatric morbidity than the general population.  The stressors experienced in the country of origin, during migration as well as in the host country, may lead to strong psychological pressure that  affects children’s physical health and well-being.

Our NGO and the Urgent Need for  a psychiatrist for unaccompanied minors

Since October 2019,  Social Instant Aid Greek Team (Kinoniko EKAV) has undertaken the operation of three Temporary Accommodation Schemes for unaccompanied minors in the framework of "Nefeli" program.  

Two Accomodation Schemes are based in Athens offering housing to 72 children. The main objective of the action is to enhance the self-confidence and development of children's skills in order to integrate them into the European reality, as well as to provide legal support for their reunification processes with their families.

Unfortunately, some of the children are facing psychiatric problems that require frequent psychiatric follow-up.  At an initial stage there was no provision for engaging child psychiatrists, therefore an urgent need of recruiting one psychiatrist has been highly recommended by the public hospital doctors who examined the children. Sadly, public health services cannot provide us this type of daily care and we are therefore forced to hire a psychiatrist. 

You can help us!

To provide psychiatric support to these children we need EUR 8000 to recruit a child psychiatrist.

The financial burden required, is particularly high in relation to our reduced financial resources, so we are unable to provide children the psychiatric support they need.

That is why we are appealing to you, to support us in this endeavor. The bad mental health of these children can be greatly improved with the help of a specialist psychiatrist. Any amount of money is important to us and can help achieve our goal.

Supporting such an endeavor gives hope and braces the dreams of these children who have been unjustly  injured psychologically and physically by the harsh experiences of the war.

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