Chelsea Nordiq Infrastructure Fundraiser

By Chelsea Nordiq

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A little bit of context

Chelsea Nordiq is a top tier recreational and competitive cross country ski program in Canadas National Capital Region. We aim to provide the highest quality of coaching and programming for all levels of athletes.

But there’s a problem

Improved infrastructure is needed to create accessible and safe skiing conditions for all levels during lessons and training.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

In an effort to make the skiing experience better for everyone we are aiming at using the fundraising money to help maintain our areas to keep them accessible for all skill levels of skiers as well as beautifying the riders roost to make it a welcoming clubhouse

These improvements are going to help create an environment where families and children of all ages will feel more comfortable and encourage more people to join this tremendous sport.

You can join us

Chelsea Nordiq is aiming to raise $30 000 through this fundraising campaign. We are trying to recieve 1500 donations of $20 and hope you are able to help us reach our goal. Send this out to family, friends, coworkers etc. If all members have a goal of finding 5 donations, we will reach our target in no time.

A prize of a new pair of skis will go to the highest fundraising athlete, and a free family membership for 2019-2020 will go to second place.

Stay tuned for other prizes that may pop up.

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Team Members

Matt Fantin

carolyn raab

moe samm