Who changed your life? Can you help us change a child's life?

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Can you imagine the impact on a child of spending one hour a week with a mentor?

The 12 Buckets One-to-One Mentoring Program is its stand-out success. Tailored one-to-one mentoring is the core element for helping primary school aged children to build resilience and work towards a brighter future.

The early intervention, strengths-based approach, matches students who are nominated by school staff with a volunteer mentor.

But there's a problem...

Sourcing funding has become more challenging and we are being challenged like never before. Without community support our programs may need to be reduced and this could eventually lead to our doors closing later in the year.

12 Buckets needs to raise $30,000 so that we can continue to provide the valuable programs that we offer to local primary school children.

We need your help...

It's not about a few people giving a lot of money (although that would be great), it's more about lots of people sharing a few dollars.

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

If 3,000 people donated $10 each we can easily achieve our goal. Or perhaps 1,000 people donating $30 each. Every dollar goes towards changing a child's life.

12 Buckets has always been powered by the community and now we need the help of the community so that we can continue to help children to flourish, regardless of their circumstance or background.

"Education is not a delivery system for knowledge. And gaps in learning cannot be magically filled by technology. Teaching is about relationships. Human contact. We learn by being noticed and heard by others. We learn and grow when we are valued. And let's face it, the value you place on a person will determine the expectations you have of them."

Tim Winton, Author and 12 Buckets Ambassador

Did you have a person, or people, who have positively impacted your life? Could you imagine how life could have gone without their support and friendship? At 12 Buckets we work on matching volunteer mentors with a child who needs extra support for many different reasons. This is done in a dedicated 12 Buckets room, on school grounds, during school hours.

“12 Buckets is an excellent initiative that shows the power of community to our more challenged and vulnerable children – and a safe circle of community is a key building block to making resilient kids. This model could work anywhere.”

Maggie Dent - Parenting author, educator and resilience expert

The Power of One Hour

How much difference can one hour make? Volunteer mentors spend one hour a week with the same student across all four school terms.

Last year a nine year old student joined the program and they spent a total of 35 hours with their mentor during the year. Feedback from a Deputy Principal at the end of the year surprised the mentor. This student had begun the year with no friends, rarely lifted their head, and had little resilience. By the end of the year the student would run around with friends while solving problems and being caring for all around them. Such an amazing result, the true power of one hour!

Another student had behavioural and anger issues when they entered the 12 Buckets program. In 2017 they had 11½ suspension days, that's two and half weeks of school time lost throughout the year. In 2018 they had only one suspension day. The school credits this change to the students involvement in the 12 Buckets program.

Every student has a different story.

There is a power that comes from true connection and in a 12 Buckets room you will see this over and over again between mentors and students.

"Children involved feel a great sense of belonging and empowerment that would otherwise be difficult to develop."

Adrian Keenan, Deputy Principal of North Balga Primary School, 2018

12 Buckets is grateful for all donations and we know that together we can all make a difference. For a more detailed idea of what we do, and how we help, please visit our website.

12 Buckets would also love your help spreading the word. It would be amazing if you could please share this campaign far and wide and ask others to jump on board.

Where does the money raised go?

This campaign will go to help our adminstrative costs, and fund the 12 Buckets' School Liaisons who are key to our program's effectiveness.

It's vital that we uphold the highest standards when it comes to the selection of mentors and the care of all of our participants. There are a lot of administrative processes acting as the non-visible backbone to what we do and your generosity builds further strength into the core of our celebrated program. Along with recruiting, coordinating and equipping our mentors, the School Liaison collaborates with the school so that a tailored journey of learning can be developed. The School Liaison is a valuable person to both the students and the mentors in the program, and sustaining these roles across all of our schools is critical to the ongoing success of the program.

Click on this link to view the 12 Buckets Annual Report.

About 12 Buckets

12 Buckets is a Perth-based charity that brings together primary school students in need of extra support to help equip them with the skills, support and connections needed to build a strong future.

The early intervention, strengths-based approach, matches students who are nominated by school staff with a volunteer mentor. The first focus is on connection through games and activities. As the mentor and student get to know each other they uncover the child’s areas of strength or interest. Together with the assistance of the 12 Buckets School Liaison a tailored journey plan is created so that there is clear direction for the weekly sessions of one hour. A key aspect of engagement in the program is working on an area that the student is passionate about, or would like to learn more about.

Students grow deep and continued relationships with their mentors, through building resilience and taking on new challenges. This has a positive impact on both the student and the mentor. In the words of Rohit, one of our students “12 Buckets has changed my life and has helped me to be who I truly am. I feel like I am supposed to be here, where I am.” Students and their mentors can stay in the mentoring program during their primary school years before being given the option to be a part of the Big Buckets program and continue the journey together into High School.

It costs $1,200 for a student to be a part of the 12 Buckets one-to-one mentoring program for a year. Your donation today can positively impact the life of that child.

If you would like to become an ongoing supporter of 12 Buckets once this campaign has concluded, please visit the support a child page of our website. You can change a life for less than $6 a week (or as little as a cup of coffee).

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