Cents for Senses

By Jewish Care Victoria

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People with disabilities often use all their resources and energy to make sense of what is going on around them and that can be confusing and confronting.

Our Children and Adult Disability Respite Centre is being constructed and is due for opening in October. Now we need your help to make the multi-sensory rooms come alive.

Our multi-sensory rooms will offer a mixture of lights, sounds, vibrations and tactile sensations for people with a disability in a a fun and engaging manner.

We need $21,530 to provide children and adults with disabilities, specialised interactive equipment that stimulates the senses and provides a calming and therapeutic experience.

Donate now, make an impact and help provide people with disability the opportunity to explore their senses.

To learn more about Jewish Care, please visit us at http://www.jewishcare.org.au/ or call on 1800 539 474.

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