Conservation Coaches - Global Volunteers - Rally 2018

By 4nature

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Thanks to you, we can support 3 coaches to attend the rally already!!!    

Thanks so much!! 

Help us reach 10 coaches by the end of this campaign!!! We are currently giving discounts on selected perks so choose your reward and help us each our goal!

Coaches for conservation

Imagine an elite athlete without a coach.

Until recently there were no nature conservation coaches. Most people running the world’s most critical conservation projects rely on their own skills and resources.

The Conservation Coaches Network is building a pool of trained coaches to support the people that run conservation projects around the world. It is now a voluntary network of over 600 coaches that’s over ten years old.

Help for Coaches in Need

To make sure that coaches come from all parts of the world and include those without the means to travel, the coaches network is looking for your help.

Every two years the network holds a global learning ‘Rally’ for about 150 people. We want to raise AUD$30,000 (~22,670$US) to help up to 20 people attend the 2018 Rally in Australia.

The more we raise the more coaches can attend. If our target is exceeded, even more coaches will benefit.

The rally is incredibly empowering. Coaches go back to their countries revitalized to support project teams with fresh ideas and renewed tenacity.

By bringing coaches from unrepresented parts of the world the proven work of our coaches can rapidly expand. 

Why we need your help

As a volunteer network with a very lean core structure, we have very few funds. While some coaches attend the meet-up with help from their organizations, others don’t have the means to travel. Diversity is key to our community and we want to ensure we are able to help people from smaller organisations or working as individuals attend to share and learn.

A gift to say thank you

As a reward, choose a hand and heart-crafted item and thank-you message from our coaches for you or as a gift for family and friends.

What is the Conservation Coaches Network?

The Conservation Coaches Network, is a network of 600 dedicated people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds working to support conservation projects across the globe. Our network’s informal motto is “learn it, pass it on”. Using a structured learning process, the network nurtures coaches to develop, implement, evaluate, adapt and share effective strategies to achieve conservation results that benefit people and nature.

4nature is an Australian-based voluntary conservation group supporting the crowd-sourcing campaign to assist people attend the 2018 rally.

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