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Due to COVID-19 we are currently at risk of losing our ability to fulfill our mission of saving cats from euthanisia.

This message is similar to ones you have heard before, as COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty across the US and LA. Our decision to close, like others, was an incredibly devastating one that we did not take lightly.

We made an effort to stay open with your support, but it became obvious that due to high anxieties about the future, we could not support operating at full scale, let alone at half capacity. Even with a skeleton crew, we are at risk of quickly depleting all of our available resources. Even if we weren’t caring for 30+ kittos, there are still financial obligations that must be fulfilled, in order to prevent CatCafe Lounge from being lost forever.

Like many organizations, we don't know how long this pandemic will last or if/when the public will feel confident or safe enough to want to coexist again. We are taking this storm day by day, even by the hour in some cases.

At this time, we are preparing for operations to be affected through April. Whether that means being closed completely or having a significantly reduced number of visitors - we just don't know.

We need your help now more than ever to keep the CCL mission alive! In order to weather this storm, we need to raise $20,000. This will allow us to fulfill operational obligations and just enough staff to care for our cats. Our hope is to come out on the other side, sun shining on our lounge full of kittos.

Our priority right now is saving CCL. Unfortunately, at this time, our summer initiative, Tiny Beans Kitten Lounge will be on hold. This life-saving program will require its own stretch of fundraising, if and when we get to that point.

In the hopeful event that the sun shines in April and we have reached our current fundraising goal, Tiny Beans Kitten Lounge will come to fruition! If we are continuing to fundraise to keep CCL afloat, Tiny Beans will have to wait which would be incredibly devastating. Though COVID-19 has halted most things across the country, thousands of kittens are coming, whether we're ready or not.

Your support means we can continue to save more lives. At a time when no one knows the future and everyone needs help, we ask that you consider supporting CatCafe Lounge to ensure we are around for years to come and can continue to bring LA impactful life-saving initiatives.

I am hopeful this will all be over soon and we can get back to saving lives and providing you the "Happiest Place on Earth", sorry Disney - the 2nd happiest, maybe?

Thank you for your continued support and your passion to support a dream that impacts so many lives that need our voice to champion them. PURRS & LOVE, Kristi

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