Advancing Canada's Competitive Innovation Nation Ranking

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Advancing Canada's Competitive Innovation Nation Ranking

More than one study has shown Canada is not seen as innovative in the world’s eyes – an Accenture study last year concluded that Canada lags behind other G20 nations in fostering digital platform innovation, and the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Global Innovation Index placed Canada in 15th place among the world’s 25 most innovative nations in 2016.

Canada’s ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report has dropped to 22nd from 14th the previous year. Also, in a recent survey of large firms, the Business Council of Canada found that 64 percent of CEOs said Canada’s investment climate had worsened in the last five years, noting growth in the tax and regulatory burden.

As a not for profit organization, CATAAlliance is advancing Core Policy Planks linked to recommendations which will address these challenges and boost Canada's ranking as a Competitive Innovation Nation.

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Core Policy Planks presented in this crowdfunding site are linked to specific advocacy Campaigns:

  • Developing a Competitive Innovation Nation, National Brand for Canada based on Regional Advantages;
  • Creating a new Strategy for industry that perceives and exploits parallel physical, digital and intangible value streams, linked to strategic approaches to the growth of our innovative businesses through effective commercialization of products and services, Open Data access, supply chains, exports, increased international mandates, expansion of social enterprise and government procurement;
  • Responding to the Flat World of global competition with the removal of trade barriers, streaming of regulatory and labour practices and the provision of support to equal the playing field for Canadian competitors and investment in the infrastructure needed to preserve and expand market strength;
  • Fostering financial literacy education to encourage all Canadians to build strong balance sheets in order to help build a strong economy that can support our social goals;

  • Simplifying Canada's tax system to boost access to incentives and reduce compliance costs and investment delays due to uncertainty;

  • Leveraging the best practice aspects of Canada's SR&ED tax incentive program to create the environment that promotes the commercialization of our innovations and the growth of firms to their full potential (view Campaign);
  • Resetting the Innovative Solutions program with clauses to ensure a portion of government spending is allocated to advancing commercially viable research, plus an added mandate that the government procure from small businesses (SME’s);
  • Developing Sustainable Smart Cities with effective waste management strategies;
  • Attracting, retaining and training best talent;
  • Fostering executive leadership (read the 'Sara Kirke' Declaration), including a commitment to lifetime learning, Mentorship and Diversity;
  • Developing through Mentorship the IT capability of women and encouraging women to join the technology market and enroll in technology-related STEM studies;
  • Creating best practices and exportable technologies for Public Safety and National Security with an eye to protecting privacy, including fostering the growth of the advanced security sector; and,
  • Advancing measures to speed ICT adoption by the public and private sectors, particularly for small to mid sized (SME) businesses.

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Our request is that you help advance CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign today by making a financial contribution.

Your support pays for ongoing development and production costs (e.g., videography, consultancy, outreach, and advocacy). According to Advocacy Advocate, costs for each issue specific campaign can average 8K to 15K depending on tools (e.g, video boards) and on-line strategies utilized.

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All funds raised through this Campaign will be invested in producing content to support action on the Core Policy Planks.

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