By Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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People seeking asylum all over Australia are without the basic human right of education.

People who seek asylum in Australia are seeking safety and opportunites. However, they are denied these rights and are being detained by our government. Children especially, do not get the chance to sit in a classroom and learn, something we take for granted.

This is why Caseeker are partnering with Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to help fund empowering programs that provide education for those who want to integrate into our communities through education.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Caseeker are creating INCREDIBLE pencil cases for YOU! These pencil cases help supply teachers and host more students in classrooms. Pencil cases are an amazing tool and are present in every student's life. Making our pencil case present in your life, helping make education present in the lives of those seeking asylum.

Join us on this journey!

Buy our pencil case and help us reach our goal to fund empowering education programs!

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