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We noticed that there are many things that we take for granted in our every day lives and one we realised was quite important was food, the idea of not being able to sit down and eat a meal at the end of a day doesn't seem fair to us, as we know that there is plenty of produce that is taken to dumps even though they are suitable to eat. when we decided that we wanted to help make a difference in this area we found that Fair Share was a perfect place to donate our money.

Hi, we at Care 4 a Pair are trying to raise money so that we can donate it to Fare Share who give food to those who need it, this food would otherwise be wasted which also makes a difference as we are not throwing away uneaten food that is in good condition.The money will go to making sure that peole arent going hungry such as people who are experiencing homlessness.

By buying our product you will be supporting Fare Share and those who deserve our help to make their lives easie. If you support us on our journey to help make a better community with small steps like buying our product then 100% of the profit made from these sales will go directly to fair share.

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