Cancer treatment for Rhizome Lee

By Angelika

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Rhizome Lee(Ryuji Oka), a 71 years old Japanese Butoh dancer, founder of Subbody Butoh Method, who has dedicated his life to research on the chaotic resonance patterns of Life through art, in order to free and connect Life beyond boundaries. Many souls and shadows all over the world healed and benefited from his research. 

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In May, he was diagnosed with stage3 (pT3N1b ) colonic cancer.

Thanks to the warm support from old friends and students he was able to have urgent surgery on the 25th of May in Max hospital Chandigarh, India. 

Surgery summary

Exploratory laprotomy + Enmass sigmoid colectomy + Jejunal loop excision + Right inguinal hernioplasty + Cholecystectomy 


But as the cancer report shows the cancer has spread to blood and lymph, so even after surgery he needs to go under chemotherapy.

Just like most freelance artists, he doesn't have any savings. Neither government medical support, as he moved to India from Japan to establish the Subbody Butoh institute 20 years ago. The state where he lives has very limit medical support for cancer treatment, under COIVD19 world condition, all travel cost are much more expensive and plus his body condition(Surgery wound has about 60cm long, organ that was cut off has about two hands big), for a while he won’t be able to make any incomes to support his treatment and living. 

Lee never yielded even once to pain or fear of death, his heart full of gratitude. After 8 hours surgery, in ICU the first word he said was “Thank you”. Once he is able to move, the first thing he did was to write down his new book about Life Resonance Philosophy! Even if he couldn't write down a proper word yet, he said this is the only way he can give back to the world, for all the support and warmth. The most important thing keeping him alive is to give back in return. 

Small drops of water makes the ocean, any amount of support, big or small, they all transform to the wind that brings the heart to heaven.

Thanks to all!

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