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A little bit of context

Inspired by the efforts of Greta Thunberg, Fridays For Future protests and Extinction Rebellion, we believe a declaration of Climate Emergency is the acknowledgement that fundamental change is required in order to respond to scientific predictions of global warming. This change must mitigate irreversible change to the earth and the extinction of many species including humans.

But there’s a problem

Despite warnings from scientists and the United Nations, there still appears to be insufficient leadership from business and global emissions have continued to rise since the Paris Agreement. It sometimes feels that everyone is waiting for others to act when it requires everybody, now, to act like it's the emergency it is.

So this is our response

  • We commit to tell the truth on the climate and ecological emergency, and to inspire urgent action and debate.
  • We celebrate and support all the companies who declare and want to inspire others on this path.
  • We use our influence to engage business leaders who want to understand what it means to declare and we challenge them to set their own targets and actions.
  • We position ourselves as challengers and urge faster action than the Paris agreement.

Why this crowdfunder?

We are a volunteer led organisation ( and welcome donations to make our work possible. The donation would cover travel expenses for speakers, and provide income to Business declares to enable it to continue helping businesses declare a climate emergency (for example: to hire venues or pay living costs to a few volunteers to run our social media, administration and website.

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