Building Ampara

By ABCD: Art Building Children's Dreams (Australia) Inc. - a project of the Rotary Club of Templestowe Inc.

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The story of the project:

Ampara is a rural district located in the eastern province of Sri Lanka. The rural communities in Ampara have experienced a slowdown in their post war rebuilding and development due to endemic challenges related to infrastructure, education and economic viability.

Sri Lanka’s large gender gap in labour force participation globally, actively impedes the country's goals for growth and equity. In many of the rural districts, women are unable to make an impact upon the economy and family income despite possessing talent and high levels of desire on their behalf to make a contribution. Their lack of skills and poor access to education act as impediments to social and financial mobility. Despite women receiving legislative equal pay rights, female contribution is hardly recognised and women are often restricted to exclusively female tasks which are gravely undervalued socially and economically.

Education of women pave the way to empowerment and community well-being. The Building Ampara Project seeks to address long term sustainability and capacity building through education and empowerment. The community have endorsed the name “Diriliya Mansala”, which is derived from Sinhalese words that mean “strong woman” and “place to gather”. The design will adopt a co-building approach that will see the community own and manage a women's learning centre that will offer adult learning, income generating activities and healthcare.


This project is a partnership between Deakin University's iDiDe Global Mobility Program, ABCD: Art Building Children's Dreams (Australia) Inc., Aspirations Education Foundation (AEF), University of Moratuwa and International Islamic University Malaysia.

How the funds will be used:

We need at least AUD25, 000 to construct the building. The money would be spent on purchasing building materials and programme development for the women's learning centre.

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Susan Ang

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