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By Butser Education CIC

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We are building a Stone Age house where school children and visitors can experience the past in a real place, where they can touch the walls and smell the fire and see the thatched roof.

Butser Ancient Farm has been building ancient houses for nearly 50 years and using them as places to discover, teach and inspire people about our ancient past.

Our current house has done a marvellous job but it's time to think about a replacement. The new house will help us bring the past to life and explore the technologies and construction techniques of our Stone Age ancestors.

This house will give the people who build it a chance to learn about ancient building methods and when its finished it will give children a real place where they can learn about life in the Stone Age.

We need £12,000 to help pay for materials for the house. We need wood for the frame and thatch for the roof.

Please help, every donation gets us closer to the Stone Age.

Come and join us for a Stone Age celebration. If you donate £20 or more you can choose to get a personal invitation to the Stone Age house opening celebration at Butser Ancient farm.

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