Build a Classroom in Nepal and Empower the Next Generation Through Education

By Friends of Nepal Association

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Education is such an important part of life and is key for the development of children around the world.

We invite you to be part of our mission to give children of rural Nepal an opportunity to receive a high quality education so that they can realise their potential too.

In the earthquakes of April/May 2015 a large number of schools in Nepal were destroyed. Temporary schools have been built from bamboo however this is not a long term solution, new schools need to be built.

Don't miss our video, to see our work and community engagement program:

When we visited this school with our design team, we quickly realised that these children need more than just classrooms. Without books and pens, trained teachers and healthy learning spaces these children don't have what they need to succeed in their studies. We discovered that many students fail their Year 10 exams simply because they don't have the equipment they need to even sit the exams.

What are we doing?

Friends of Nepal Association (FONA) has started a Regional Education Centre Project with the aim of building a model school which will be an educational centre of excellence delivering high quality education for children and adults living in rural districts in Nepal.

Our vision for a state-of-the-art regional education centre was founded out of our belief that all children deserve access to high quality education.

A school can be the "hub" of a community and a platform for sustainable transformation, delivering not only infrastructure but also social and economic benefits to the village.

With the help of University of Melbourne School of Design and a team of experts, we are designing a master plan for the new school in collaboration with the community. Students, teachers and parents all have a voice in the design and construction of the school.

What we need from you

We are seeking investments to fund the building of our state-of-the-art education centre.

Your investment will ensure all children in this village have access to education, a proper learning environment, equipment and technology, clean water and sanitation, and indirectly provide the community employment opportunities and new sources of income.

The first $10,000 will cover the costs of building the first classroom.

We would love your help, any contribution large or small, to get these kids back into school AND help a rural community develop sustainably over the long term.

About FONA

Friends of Nepal Association is an Australian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people in need in Nepal.

We currently prioritise our work in education, cultural heritage conservation and resilient housing in regional areas. Our unique approach focuses on understanding the structural causes behind persistent disadvantage, then finding and supporting the innovative approaches that can help Nepal develop sustainably.

Our work is evidence-based and focuses on strong community engagement, a discipline we apply to every facet of our organisation.

For more information about FONA's projects visit our website

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