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Update wednesday 28th june
Well folks we did it....We are ALMOST there, we reached the target for the deposit, with a bit to spare to start dukes shed.
We "fingers crossed" get the keys on friday and it will be all go go go to get moved.

Of course though nothing ever goes smoothly, but even through the tears and worry i can still smile as i can at long last see the light
Sadly this morning i got a bit more bad news...The firm i had hoped to use to dismantle and move dukes and gevans field shelters and rebuild in whitby....Let me down, saying he was to busy :0(

Which means back to drawing board. I have had to call the sawmill who made the shelters to see if they can take them down, transport them and rebuild, but of course im dreading the quote as it will be like having them made again, plus we now need a man with a tractor at both ends and somehow hire a van big enough to get duke in with a harness strapping....

So i am leaving the fundraiser open as it has not run out yet....

As any extra donations will be used towards the added extras

i look forward to bringing good news and happy pictures very soon

Thank EVERYONE so much for your help X


Wed 15 June Update
With only a couple of days left on the fundraiser and still 7,000 short of the target we decided to extend it to the full length of allowed days on chuffed, as we really do need the final shortfall to be able to start the works needed

In Brief
Purchasing this place really has taken the whole of the life savings of myself and supporter (turned friend who made the dream possible by selling up and joining us )
We both sides also took out short term loans to be able to get anywhere close and raised the last part with a great team of admin on facebook
We do now have funds in place to go ahead with the purchase but there is literally NOTHING left in the pot to do some of the important works needed.
I am at present trying to build my cafe and offer room rentals to bring in some income but yes its all very daunting for the first 2 years as we start from scratch with no real back up
BUT i have faith as i know what we are doing is life changing for the animals and will carry on once we are gone.
The solicitors have been pretty much rubbish and right at last minute i had to change as i was really not happy with her, but finally its moving forward and we are now just awaiting final paperwork before we exchange contracts
We are seriously hoping that we get completion by end of june as we then have to work hard to get the cottage ready for visitors as to raise extra funds on this campaign we had to rent it out for 2 months
We are concerned about moving duke as there will be nowhere ready for him to help him with his disability PLUS we have the huge task of getting him moved safely which is going to require specialist help
All of which comes with a price....
The last 7000 will help massively to get the works started
Floor digging up and concreting
Roof structure built to support steelworks
Possible reroof even and cladding work
Hoisting system
Wheel cart modification
And thats before anywork begins for the rest of the gang
We are thankful that there is plenty of housing, be it quite rundown, its still there and that is a huge relief
Thank you so much for ALL your support
Duke Bullocks Page

9th june
After a few VERY stressful weeks, trying to deal with solicitors and the stresses that go with buying a place.
We are virtually there...
We are *hoping ( i stress *hoping as the solicitor we are using has not lived up to her recommendations, so we have last week taken on another one o replace her who is doing a good job now) to exchange contracts next week...
If all goes according to plan we should complete by the end of june.
Which gives us very little time to get all organised but it will be doable
We are TRULY TRULY thankful for the AMAZING support that we have had online and offline. We could not of got this far without YOU the people
Once we are settled our doors will open to the public to come and see the animals and be part hands on with what we are doing.
The final week of the fundraiser is VERY important as any funds raised now will go to DUKE BULLOCKS new shed, which needs a lot of work to equip it to suit and help his disability..
We need concrete flooring, roof reinforcing to handle the weight of steel girders and dukes hoist and his weight.
As well as many many other jobs that will be needed to be done to make sure all the animals have a secure dry home.
It will be HEAVEN to know that next winter i do not have to stress that some of the animals are outside with no shelter
We also have saved 2 more lives from death, the owners will leave us to little lambs whose mummy died at birth....So new lives are saved already, with many more to come.
HELP US build this dream and make it come true for so many innocent beings.
Saving lives and raising awareness TOGETHER

ONLY 13 DAYS left till end of the fundraiser and still a long way to go
With recent bad news its even more important than ever
Our New Home UPDATE from Duke Bullock

With our lease ending next month :0( time is very short now.
Ma messaged her solicitor as she STILL has not heard anything regards our contract exchange or a date to move.
Which means Ma cannot even begin to plan, cannot book the removals or plan my big move.
Ma was FUMING when she got an automated reply saying that she was on annual leave till 10th june, yet she had replied to ma earlier saying paper work in and she would be reviewing it and getting back in touch...
PFFFTTTTT she gone on holiday and left NO ONE (by the looks of it) in charge.
Ma was on the phone and really gave them what for, but it really took its toll on poor Ma yesterday as its all getting very stressful now not being able to plan or even pack properly.
Ma has now officially complained and hoes that the ass kicking will get them moving, she hopes to hear today a bit of news as to WHAT is happening.
Ma is also selling a field and relying on the sale of it to reach the shortfall needed....So she called the other solicitor (as he is far cheaper than the one doing the big purchase, that is crap any way)
AND Oh mooo goodness....Theres more complications
The sale cannot complete until there is a certificate from pot ash mines who could take ages to respond if anything like National Parks
Which means that the fundraiser is more important than effer now.
Ma was hoping to scrape by to get the purchase and any funds on the rest of chuffed would go to dukes barn rebuild
Sadly if the field sale does not come off intime then the cash we have is not enough
EFFRY PENNY is now crucial..

A lot of people are asking Why we need to raise the funds and who we are ...
But here is a brief of the last 7 years of my life and building "A Dream" for the animals.
7 Years ago i left behind town life and a good business, as i felt a severe lacking in my life
We uprooted and stepped into the unknown, renting a small holding, without a clue about country life or farmed animals

Our first BIG rescue was an old cow (18 years) with her very ill calf (See full story on our website)

This old girl "mamamoo" changed my life in so many ways and she is the reason Calf Sanctuary was founded.

The rescues over the next 7 years continued to grow and we expanded over 3 different areas as we ran out of space very quickly. This made life difficult but we managed between the 2 of us.

Then just before Xmas i asked the landlord for more space (to rent the unused derelict barns)
I got a reply that i never expected, saying "No" with a follow up of "Your tenancy will not be renewed next year"

Determined NOT to give up, we have fought to get calf sanctuary relocated, with no joy finding rented, i sold up everything that i own to try to secure a mortgage.

Yet everytime i hit a brick wall as banks just aren't lending.

I found what i thought was the dream place, it was the bottom end of the market though, but JUST within reach.

We fundraised to reach the deposit shortfall and we thought we had done it...

It had no farm buildings which are essential and a number 1 priority, it needed a LOT of building works to be done and we seemed to be totally up against it with National Parks to get the planning for the field shelters and all that we wanted to do, so sadly we had to pull out.

The search started again and we found a place that was perfect, but of course it was out of our league

We managed to secure 2 to small short term loans through lovely calf supporters and a friend stepped in to join us, by selling his home and joining forces with calf sanctuary. We were ALMOST there, yet still a shortfall to cover all costs of purchasing moving etc.

Hence why Fundraiser 2 was launched.

EVERY single Penny, every thing we can sell has been sold but we are still not quite there.

We can virtually scrape the funds together BUT there is NOTHING left at all to do the IMPORTANT works on dukes disabled shed or fencing etc for the animals.


We can get the dream but we cannot build it

We literally are SO CLOSE to making duke and the gangs life perfect

Watch the magic happen

We recently rescued "Teddy" below from slaughter who will hopefully join duke in the new fully equipped shelter.

No animal should be alone and to see duke kiss and groom his new friend was priceless...

IF we get chance there will be MANY more moments like these to come

Follow dukes Life and calf sanctuary on facebook


The shed below is located just at the side of the big cow shelter, and this would be modified for our duke with specialist equipment to get him walking better and we hope that new boy teddy will join him and give him the boost he needs to get walking again
Although it looks gloomy we hope to get a team of volunteers to turn this shed into dukes magical apartment
It is perfect size for duke :0) and still close by the rest of the cows

Help us reach the dream!
We are home to Cows ~ 2 highlands that are living elsewhere right now:0(
2 huge Girls that are living in whitby :0(
A poorly moo that has to be close to home
Duke the disabled bullock and soon to be teddy bear the lovable unwanted bullock
Pigs (there is a forest which we cannot wait to see the gang in ) 3 HUGE industry piggies and 2 super cute pot bellies
4 very cheeky goats who are such fun and we are gagging to get them a lovely home with toys to climb
30 PLUS sheep who we adore, ALL of them with a story and a tale to tell
Baby lambs come our way every year and often break our hearts but we keep going knowing that there are so many beings out there that need us
Turkeys and hens
And i'm sure many more new friends will find us once we get the safe place

We truly appreciate every donation, however much you can spare, and look forward to meeting you soon :)

Hopefully in the near future you will be able to come and hug the animals that you are helping us to save.

MASSIVE thanks for the support

We will not let you down

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