Buds n Blooms at Hilton Harvest

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Buds n Blooms

Buds n Blooms started in 2014 with a desire to provide a space for seniors to connect with kids in an outdoor, natural setting. Day care groups, school groups, aged care facilities, seniors, mum/dads n bubs converge every Wednesday morning at Hilton Harvest Community Garden to garden, create and most importantly connect. Everyone from age 0-100 is welcome to come and share in the Healthy mind, Healthy body and Happy heart ethos. We want to continue to provide that place for all folks to feel included and connected to community.

We need to transition our funding model

Buds n Blooms has grown over 4 years and become a strong, well-loved program at Hilton Harvest. It's always there, every week, connecting people, and growing healthier bodies and minds for people of all ages. Whether you visit Buds n Blooms now, have in the past, or might in the future, it's heartwarming to know that you are tending to the social fabric of your community.

The thing is; the work of running this program is plentiful and to continue it needs to become financially sustainable. We need to move from arduous, short term grants to long term funding.

Our financial future will have a multi-pronged approach. In addition to weekly donations from participants, we'll be offering specific membership options for Buds n Blooms participants (including special rates for day care groups and aged care facilities); offering opportunities for businesses to support us; doing clever fundraising and securing the odd grant that can supply additional funds for special projects.

These new options just take a little (precious volunteer) time to set up and this campaign will allow us that time - nine months to be precise. This crowd funding campaign is to carry us through this transitional period and pay for gear (seedlings and gardening supplies), morning teas and crucially our skilled and passionate facilitator.

You can join us

We're after $6K and 9 months to put our new funding model firmly in place. That's 9 months of making our community a stronger, more connected and a more beautiful place to live. Ongoing.

If we happen to raise more than our $6K goal, we will do some really amazing special events for Seniors Week, Childrens Week and NAIDOC.


Donations of up to $100 gets you a free cuppa and a visit to Buds n Blooms in full swing on a Wednesday morning plus a huge call out on our Facebook group to thank you!

Donations $100-200 gets you a hand printed Hilton Harvest/Hilton Precinct reusable bag. (This is only available if you live within a 15km radius of Hilton Harvest).

Donations $200-300 gets you a little bottle of Hilton Harvest pressed olive oil. (This is only available if you live within a 15km radius of Hilton Harvest).

Donations $300+ gets you a little hamper from Hilton Harvest including Hilton Harvest pressed olive oil, local honey and garden produce! (This is only available if you live within a 15km radius of Hilton Harvest).

Many thanks.

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