Bristol Zero Tolerance URGENT Summer Appeal

By Bristol Women's Voice

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A little bit of context

Daily revelations in the media and the #metoo campaign have amply demonstrated that sexual violence and harassment is still a grim reality for many women on our streets, in the workplace and within their own homes. Since 2015 the Bristol Zero Tolerance initiative has worked tirelessly towards creating a city free from gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation.

Why Bristol Zero Tolerance?

Bristol Zero Tolerance:

  • Raises awareness of gender-based violence, helping people to intervene when witnessing unacceptable behaviours and seek appropriate support
  • Works with employers and organisations to identify and support those facing domestic violence and abuse
  • Helps employers to create safer spaces where gender-based violence is understood and help can be sought
  • Acts as a voice for gender-based violence services in the city and feeds into local strategies to ensure survivors' voices are included
  • Works with businesses and venues that open in the evening, to enable them to tackle violence and abuse in public spaces.

Here’s what we're doing

We are making a difference. Street harassment has been re-classified as a hate crime, thanks to our campaigning, giving women more confidence to report these crimes. We are working with more than one hundred local partners on ending gender-based harassment, abuse, violence and exploitation.

But so much more needs to be done.

There’s never been a greater need for this vital work and in order to continue, we need your help. Due to a lack of funding, this unique, leading initiative is in imminent danger of closing. We can’t let this happen.

Join us!

We are running a Summer fundraising appeal for Bristol Zero Tolerance to allow us to continue this essential work.

We initially need £5,000 by September 30th 2019 to continue the project. Any donation to the appeal could make all the difference.

  • £10 could provide toolkits for people who experience or witness street harassment. This helps them to understand how to report it, and intervene safely.
  • £25 can enable our staff to work with an employer to develop an action plan to prevent harassment and abuse in the workplace.
  • £40 could make our Sister Courage training available to women across the city, including community groups and young women in schools so they feel better equipped to deal with harassment safely.
  • £55 could facilitate outreach to venues in the city to address sexual assault and harassment in the night time economy.
  • £95 can provide a high quality training workshop for a workplace in Bristol. Staff are taught how to identify harassment and abuse, how to prevent it and how to manage it.

Please help us with a donation today!

We need to raise at least £5,000 so that this vital work can continue. A donation of just £10, will help us put our plans for 2019 and beyond into action, and keep this essential work going.

Together, we can put a stop to gender-based violence and abuse in Bristol - and make our city a place where everyone can feel safe and empowered in their work and life.

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