Don't frack the Territory: Bring the bush to NT Parliament

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The Northern Territory is home to some of the planet's longest-surviving human cultures and ecosystems. It is a vibrant and world renowned travel destination. But now, the Territory's unique environments and communities are under threat from fracking.

90% of the NT is covered by oil and gas fracking licences or applications.

People living on the front lines of these new fracking developments are hundreds of kilometres away from where decision makers sign their land and water away to big fracking companies: NT Parliament.

This November, remote Indigenous community leaders, cattle station workers, food growers and regional tourism operators have an opportunity to meet with every member of the Northern Territory Government. They want to make it clear that they will not allow our elected representatives to rush ahead with a fracking bonanza putting livelihoods, water and culture at risk.

Will you help regional community members shift NT Parliament away from fracking?

Getting spokespeople to NT Parliament in Darwin will cost thousands of dollars. Yet their voices and passion for the Territory could be the thing that opens the eyes of NT politicians, who are usually more likely to meet a gas fracker in Parliament than a farmer. They need to know that fracking poses unacceptable risks to other industries like pastoralism, fishing, tourism and rural economies.

All funds raised with your support will go towards fuel and transport costs for our delegation traveling from rural and remote areas, budget accommodation (where billeting is not possible), and food expenses whilst they are in Darwin for a few days to build support amongst politicians and other local organisations.

Meet just a couple of the delegation who want to volunteer their time to get to Parliament.


Helen Williams lives in Maningrida and is a Traditional Owner for Ndjudda Point, in Arnhem Land and part of the Protect Arnhem Land community group. Helen's voice needs to be heard by elected representatives.

"We don’t want to see 24 hours a day, seven days a week drilling and fracking across our lands and water. I’m concerned about the future. Our ceremony and dreaming sites need to be protected from mining."

"We will keep fighting together. We will teach our children. No fracking. This is my home."


Daniel Tapp, from Big River Station on the Roper River is living under a Santos gas fracking licence. Daniel has been a leading voice for pastoralists, speaking to farmers and Indigenous communities about the risks fracking poses to precious water resources.

"We need to defend our land from a mining invasion that's going to destroy our land and our water, our culture and our lives. It's a crime against humanity and the environment."

"We've got to stay strong and build momentum."

Now let's get Helen, Daniel and other community voices inside Parliament...

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