Join Caroline Lucas in electing Brighton & Hove Greens on May 2

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UPDATE: 25 March - 4 days remaining!

Wow! You've got us to 92% of our target with 4 days to go. Let's smash through it by our Friday afternoon deadline.

And please do email your friends and family, and share on social media, to get more people to contribute.

Thanks so much - together, we can do this!

UPDATE: 20 March - 9 days remaining!

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support for our 2019 campaign. In just three weeks, we've reached over 70% of our target. This is wonderful news and we are hugely grateful to everyone who has already pledged. Thank you one and all!

That leaves us with just over £3,000 to raise in just 9 days. Reaching this target is vital for us to be able to fund our local election campaign. Now, more than ever, the Green Party in Brighton & Hove is making a real difference to the lives of people from across the community.

In the 3 weeks, since we launched this campaign, Green Party councillors have:

  • Put over £12.5m back into the city's council budget, including £2.1m for emergency housing, to help Brighton & Hove's homeless; big reductions in cuts to vital services, including sexual health, libraries, respite care, community transport and community safety and a brand new half a million pound Climate Emergency fund.

  • Blocked a Tory takeover of Brighton & Hove Council, after a defection from Labour left the Conservative Party as the city's biggest party.

  • Launched a far-reaching manifesto, with pledges to build 1500 new homes, expand clean air zones and revisit the city's PFI waste contract.

Without your continued support the progress we have made in the last four years will be in danger of being lost. We have until Friday March 29th to meet our target and ensure we are fighting-fit for the election campaign. We cannot do it without you. Please do chip in - and ask your friends and family to do the same.

P.S. A couple of people have had a problem with entering their card details on the payment screen.

When you fill out your card details, please make sure that you've filled in all 4 fields (long card number; expiry date in MM/YY format; the CVC i.e. the 3 digit security number on the back of the card; and the postcode for the billing address of the card). On some screens you may need to scroll or 'tab' along to ensure you can fill in all these fields.


Brighton & Hove. A city that we love.

We love Brighton & Hove. The city we are proud to call home is friendly, openminded, and full of energy and creativity. But we know that our city has significant problems. After a decade of Tory cuts, and four years of a bitterly divided Labour Party running the council, Brighton & Hove is a city that has been let down.

We're a city of two halves, with stark inequalities. We have one of the highest rates of rough sleeping in the country. Bins go uncollected and our city centre is coated in graffiti and grime. Our public transport infrastructure is creaking.

In the meantime, it is the Greens' 11 amazing councillors - alongside Caroline Lucas in Parliament - who have been getting things done, even in opposition. We've secured a council-run night shelter for
rough sleepers, called for tough action on single use plastics and climate
change, saved Hove library, blocked the sale of our precious green
Downland and made Brighton & Hove the first council in the country to call for a People’s Vote.

In 2018, Greens saw our strongest ever local election results across England. This year, on May 2nd, we've got an incredible opportunity to elect Brighton & Hove's strongest ever Green team from our brilliant candidates.

We have a plan - but we need your help

We've been listening: residents want Brighton & Hove to remain a bold, vibrant, welcoming city but also one where jobs pay enough for people to live well. Where small businesses thrive. Where everyone has a roof over their head. A city which leads the way on tackling the climate emergency. Where everyone benefits from the city’s own generation of clean power and heat. Where we take care of everyone in our community. Where we can all breathe clean air and have a recycling service that works.

A city to be proud of. A city for everyone. A city for the future.

To make this happen we need your help. The first step is to elect more Green councillors at May 2nd's local elections. And in doing that, we also lay the foundations for re-electing Caroline Lucas - and electing more Green MPs to join her in Parliament.

Where Greens lead, others follow

What starts in Brighton & Hove doesn't end here. Electing more Greens in Brighton & Hove will demonstrate that rapid, practical local action on tackling climate breakdown, homelessness and unaffordable housing, and polluting and congested roads, is possible and desirable.

Alongside other vibrant, Green-leaning, European cities, we'll create a plan for what a city fit for the future looks like - inspiring others across the UK and beyond to follow suit.

Why we need your help

We've got enthusiastic campaigners. We've got the ideas to win.

But the truth is that elections cost money. Your donation will enable us to reach voters in our communities with leaflets and public events and will help train a passionate group of activists to lead our election campaigns.

£36 will pay for an election leaflet to 1000 households

£55 will pay for a campaign newsletter to 1500 households

£125 will pay for a training and campaigning day with our activists

£225 will help us reach every house in a whole city ward

We are not like the big parties who get huge amounts of funding from large corporations; we refuse to take money from unethical sources. The UK's broken electoral system works keeps the large parties holding all the power. But, it is so important that our voices, which oppose and challenge their interests, are heard.

We rely on individual donations from people like you to be able to carry out all our good work and see our plan through.

Thanks for your help

Thank you so much for your help. Every pound takes us closer to electing another Green. And every elected Green takes us closer to a stable climate and a fairer society.

As a thank you, please do select one of the brilliant perks on offer! We've got T-shirts, badges, bags, books, a windfarm trip by boat, a local brewery tour, and even an amazing Alpine holiday, up for grabs. You can see the full list on the right.

When you donate, on the next page you'll also have the option to support our friends at Chuffed, who are hosting us on their excellent crowdfunding website and making the whole thing possible. But if you don't want to, no problem - simply select 'Other' in the dropdown menu.

Published and promoted by Steve Harris, for Brighton & Hove Green Party, all of 39-41 Surrey Street, Brighton BN1 3PB.

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