Break the Silence

By Devon Kreps

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Domestic Violence is something that many women live with in silence. Often because they are too afraid or embarrassed to reach out to friends or family members, or ties have been cut to their support systems.

Domestic Violence can be happening to the strongest person you know, sitting right next to you, and you are completely unaware. It doesn’t always take the form of obvious physical bruises and often the victim is terrified and trying to hide it.

Domestic Violence is an epidemic and it’s hardly discussed in US society. Three women are murdered a day in the US and 38,028,000 have experienced physical intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.

Domestic Violence has directly impacted 7venth Sun and it is for this reason we are hosting a fundraiser called Break the Silence.

This event will raise money, collect supplies and promote education and awareness about Domestic Violence. If we can even help just one person escape the cycle of abuse, then we consider this a success, but we hope to free many more than that.

Fundraising proceeds will be given to The Spring Tampa (@thespringtb) and CASA St. Pete (@CASAStPete). They provide shelter, resources, counseling and support for victims who have nowhere to turn, are in search of a safe-haven, or are trying to process the mental, physical and emotional trauma they have sustained.

Take a look at the event to learn more and click “interested” or “going” to be alerted of updates.

Break the Cycle. Break the Chains. Break the Silence.

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