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We are not miserable people. We don't want pity.

We don't want to always trigger sadness,

embarrassement, or worse: fear!

We are also nice, lovely...

funny people!

Borderline is our stories, our crazy experiences of the Calais Jungle that 7 of us from Aghanistan, Syria and Sudan devised with 6 European performers.

But more than that it's the proof that we can do great things together!

After sell out shows in the UK, We are now super excited to start our international tour to Germany, France, Greece and Denmark!!!!

One problem though: There are 15 of us...

We have accomodation already,

But transport is super expensive for all of us!

And it's very difficult to find funding for European tour especially nowadays! (I wonder why...)

So... either we randomly get rid of a few of us... (gulp)

Or we do the "we were 70 in the boat" again...

But honnestly we'd rather not. So if you can help us that would be amazing!!!! Even a "share" of our page is great!

This tour is VERY important for us.

we are invited to perform in a theatres in Basel, Berlin and Copenhagen but also in refugee camps in Paris and Lesvos. We hope to spread our message and our positive vibe that we reckon will help kill cliches and bring people together. We also want to take this opportunity to perform and give workshops in refugee camps as we don't want to forget those left behind. Calais Jungle has been dismantled but these people still exist and need our help!

THANK YOU very much for your support and if you are keen to get even more involved in our adventure, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have many more projects including the creation of "Borderline 2" about the situation of refugees in the UK and more "Together workshops" of course! You can join us on: - Facebook and Twitter

SHOUKRAN! THANK YOU! MERCI! MANANA, GRACIAS! (Yes we have a chilean economic migrant in the cast as well)

And if you want to know more about us here are a couple of very nice articles- interviews!

Refugee Week review "This play will have you laughing before you know what's hit you."

The Guardian


Director: Sophie NL Besse.

Clown facilitator: Frank Würzinger.

Ensemble work: Rémy Bertrand.

Set designer : Petra Hjortsberg

Light and sound designer : George Galkin

PIC CREDIT: Jose Faranhi


Abd Alrehman Slama

Baraa Halabieh

Charly Martelli

Csm Habib

Delia Remy

Gareth Watkins

Enayat Khan

Lujza Richter

Mohammad Sàrràr

Mohand Hasb Alrsol Badr

Naqeeb Saide

Peter Pearson

Tracy Radzan


Basel Zaraa

Tamara Astor

About PSYCHEdelight :

PSYCHEdelight is a theatre company founded in 2011 by Sophie NL Besse, a playwright and theatre director both trained in drama and therapy. We create theatre that is socially engaged and provide drama workshops as a place of expression and integration.

To find out more about our work, visit :

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Sophie Besse