Boost legal support for the most vulnerable in East London.

By Hackney Community Law Centre and Citizens Advice Epping Forest

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What's the issue?

People facing life-changing problems like imminent homelessness, accute relationship difficulties, violent abuse, exploitative employers or deportation are increasingly having to fend for themselves in the courts. Drastic cuts to legal aid have cut them adrift. Even the President of the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger says, “Reductions in legal aid leave many people choosing between not enforcing their rights (unacceptable) or representing themselves (unjust)”. The Hackney Community Law Centre and Epping Forest Citizens' Advice Bureau are both charities which offer support and help to people in these most difficult circumstances.

But there’s a problem

Both these charities are under increasing pressure as more and more people, with nowhere else to turn, come to them. What's worse, funding streams the charities rely on are drying up as local government budgets are stretched tighter and tighter. This is an attempt to provide some additional support for organisations helping the most needy - and we need your help to do that.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

In the spirit of a full-blown mid-life crisis we formed a band - The Hackney CABs. Penny, the singer had never performed solo, Steve the drummer is recovering from an operation and our guitarists Sergio and Dan remember Eric Clapton better than Ed Sheeran. Still, we gave ourselves just 8 weeks to get up to full performance speed supporting poet and comedian Attila the Stockbroker for our first gig.

How to help

We deserve a small reward for pulling it off - especially because our singer broke her ankle days before the gig! We're past half way to our target and we've left a little time for latecomers to make a donation and push us over the line. ALL the money raised will be split 50:50 between the 2 charities. And please share our cause with other (wealthy) people you know - especially in the legal profession because they really appreciate how much the legal aid cuts are impacting on justice.

Now, give yourself a kick by watching a snippet of the show.

These Boots Are Made For Walking - with added boot. And a reminder to think twice before telling anyone to 'break a leg' before the show! And if you watch without donating - that's cheeky, and yes, you should feel a bit guilty!

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