Boolaroo Breakfast Club

By Our Community Place

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Schools with breakfast clubs see proven benefits for their pupils:

  • 88% have improved attainment and attendance
  • 94% see more positive social skills
  • 93% see improved concentration
  • 74% see improved behaviour
  • 75% notice improved relationships between the school and the parent

Our Community Place runs a Breakfast Club which helps 12-20 students each week at Boolaroo Public School and we have seen these benefits firsthand.

We want to extend this program to reach more of our local children.

Boolaroo Public School has requested that we run the Breakfast Club on 2 additional mornings each week.

Speers Point School (118 students) has also asked us to start a new Breakfast Club.

Our Community Place has resources to run the existing club but needs help to fund additional days and new locations. Our current staff will continue to ensure food hygiene, child safety and supervision of volunteers.

To be able to do this we need money for running costs.

We plan to expand our clubs so that more children get the benefits when they return to school after Christmas.

Your support will help us with this proven way to improve children's lives.

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