Books for the Bush - School Crisis Appeal

By Chloe Harpley

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What are we doing?

Books for the Bush aims to make direct contact with bushfire-affected schools and, as a result of the Australian community’s generosity, supply students all over the country with all the items they need to support their learning, despite the bush fires and Covid-19 pandemic.

Why are we doing this?

All over the country, people have been displaced and impacted by this catastrophic bushfire season. Supporting kids at school is a costly and stressful effort at the best of time, let alone after a summer of drought, floods, hail, fire, and heartache, and now the pandemic. By collecting donations and sending them out to these typically isolated regions, we hope to give back to these families that have been through so much.

How can you help?

We've helped communities all over the country. If you donate here, your money goes directly to those who need it the most. The funds from this campaign are spent on school supplies, school shoes, uniforms, vouchers for local businesses, and donations to schools P&Cs.

Or, you can donate school supplies. Please message our Facebook page to arrange that!

Other Ways You Can Help:

  1. Share this link! Share our page! Word of mouth is powerful!
  2. Get your workplace, school or community group to join our Support a School Program.
  3. Do you know a school or family that could use our help? Let us know!
  4. Organising initiative and want to collaborate? Get in touch!

Who's behind all of this?

Hi, I’m Chloe - a 5th year ANU student who was proudly born and bred in Wagga. The Riverina is my home, and my heart breaks at how we’ve been impacted by these tragic, climate-change fuelled, extreme weather events. I felt the need to do something. I believe in the power of education to build stronger, more resilient humans, and thus thought this was the best course of action to take.

I am supported by an amazing team of ANU student volunteers from all walks of the university, including the Tuckwell Scholarship Program, as well as some members of the broader community nation-wide. If you’d like to be more involved, please get in touch!

Thankyou for your generosity. We're all in this together.

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Chloe Harpley