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Meet the children of Batu Bangke

In a small village in the south of Lombok Indonesia, there are over 60 children who are eager to learn and hoping for a chance at a better future. Lombok is a wonderful tourist destination, but 57% of people live in poverty. Poor infrastructure and lack of funding from the government result in major issues for the local schools and communities.

The kids have to walk for miles up a steep hill to reach their school. Once arrived there is no clean drinking water and electricity has to come from a generator, and there is no money for petrol. Between the 60 kids in the school, there is only a small stack of worn out books that they have to share.

Illiteracy rates in Lombok are staggering, about 1 in 3 is illiterate. Drop-out rates are high and many kids end up on the streets selling all sorts of items. They get married at around the age of 15 and work in agriculture for the rest of their lives earning barely enough to support their families.

Remote villages in Lombok particularly struggle without clean water sources nearby, forcing women and children the burden to travel long distances up and down hills to fetch water for their families everyday.

Let's change some lives!!

Bloom Books is dedicated to help the kids of Batu Bangke with just a simple gift: books! We want to provide them with free school books, and if enough funds are raised, school supplies and clean drinking water too. We want to give these children the opportunities to study and succeed in life.

Please join us to reach our targets

We need your help to raise funds and provide the children of Batu Bangke with an opportunity to study in a stimulating environment.Campaign Target Level 1
40,000 HKD (5100 USD / 4620 Euro) for School Books
We will get the kids free curriculum, coloring books, comic books, and story books.

Campaign Target Level 2
60,000 HKD (7650 USD / 6920 Euro) for School Books and School Supplies
This will be the next stage. Other than the books we will get the kids supplies like: Stationary, school bags, proper chairs, desks, chalk boards, and maybe even a nice playground.

Campaign Target Level 3
80,000 HKD (10,200 USD / 9230 Euro) for School Books, School Supplies, and drinkable water
It would be totally awesome if we reach Level 3. How can you study without even having clean and fresh water to drink? On top of the books and supplies, we will get the school a water filter system. Yay! Fresh water for everyone.

Please note that even if we don't reach the 3 targets, your donation will still go to the children of Batu Bangke.

Are there any processing costs?

Payment processing fee of $0.20 + 0.80% to Stripe (using your Credit Card). A little more if paying by Amex, international credit cards or PayPal.

If you can't donate, it really helps if you just share our story through social media. You never know, one of your contacts might be able to help out and donate to get these kids a chance to a brighter future. Just click the 'share' button on the top of this page.

Why are we raising in HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)

As our first receiving account is in Hong Kong, contributions are listed in HKD. The rates at this moment are:

  • 10 HKD = 1.15 Euro
  • 10 HKD = 1.28 US Dollar

You will see what a difference your donation has made

We want to create tranparancy for all the people that support and follow us. During the campaign we will post regular updates on the project and financials. After the campaign is done we will get back to you with a financial report, and an Outcome Video. We will travel back to Lombok and film what has happened with your donation. We will deliver most items ourselves and personally give them to the kids. Ensuring the donations will get to the right place and the right people.

Who are the Bloom Books guys?

We are a small team of like-minded individuals. We are travelers, teachers, filmmakers, academics, event organisers, designers and photographers. Born and raised in different parts of the world, we came together in Hong Kong. With the skills and the passion this team collectively possess we are resolved to put them to good use helping underprivileged children find the education they deserve where they otherwise would not have had one.

And here’s some perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Bronze donation T-Shirts - 1000 HKD and up
You will get your own cool Bloom Books T-Shirt.

Silver donations - 2000 HKD and up
A special thank you mention in our Outcome Video 'special thanks credit list' & Facebook page

Gold Donations - 5000 HKD and up
A seperate special thank you mention of several seconds including your company Logo in our Outcome Video & Facebook page

Diamond Donations - 20,000 HKD and up

A seperate special thank you mention of several seconds including your company Logo in our Outcome Video & Facebook page. And a 'meet-the-kids' trip to Lombok Indonesia including flight and stay (3 nights, traveling out of Hong Kong).

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