The Blaze Memorial Fund

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Thank you to our supporters who have helped us reach our goal to cover Blaze's medical expenses. Any additional funds raised will support our enrichment program to bring some joy to his fellow Kennel Kids.

This story doesn't have a "happily ever after"

Beautiful Blaze; a happy, bouncy, playful, energetic and cheeky boy whose stubborn streak made him a favourite among the volunteers, passed away peacefully this weekend in the arms of our Kennel Manager and GR founder.

He never knew the comfort of a home, nor had a family of his own, but he was so loved by our dedicated team of volunteers. He knew human kindness and spent the last of his days safe and surrounded with love thanks to our team, who will never forget this lovable boy.

In memory of Blaze

Blaze always had some quirks out walking, it was considered part of his charm. Last week, however, we knew something was wrong when Blaze quit playing with his toys. He had always been full of joy and exuberance when a presented with a toy, so when he wasn't keen on playing it was off to the vet.

A few days later he had clear difficulty walking and looked to be in pain. An MRI revealed a large and inoperable spinal tumour. The kindest thing to do was to let him pass the Rainbow Bridge and stop his suffering.

We can give hope to those still waiting for their fairytale

Blaze never got his fairytale ending, and that in itself is devastating. Our volunteers and supporters want nothing more than to find loving homes for all of our hounds; everyone at Greyhound Rescue works hard to give our "Kennel Kids" the best start on their new lives and are so heartbroken that beautiful Blaze will never get to find his forever home.

You can join us

We would like to make a memorial tribute to Blaze; to remind us all to be grateful for the time that we do have, and to live life to its fullest.

Additionally, we have to cover nearly $7000 in bills from Blaze's vet stays, treatment, medication, and imaging.

With extra funds, we would like to get some new enrichment toys for all of our Kennel Kids who are left behind, in memory of Blaze, who loved nothing more than a volunteer bringing him a new toy to play with.

Thank you, from all of our Kennel Kids

You can select a perk to say thanks from us to you, or simply make a donation. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Without help from generous people like you, we can't do what we do here at Greyhound Rescue.

Thank you. From every greyhound that has come through our gates and gone on to make their way to their forever family, and Blaze, who didn't ever get that chance.

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