Blanket of Love for Gaza

By Threads of Peace

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How did Blanket of Love for Gaza begin?

The creator and founder of the project, Cathy Castro, has been working with the Palestinian people for many years as an activist and supporter of their search for justice.

In the summer of 2014, everyone around the globe watched the atrocities of the attack on Gaza. When the bombing finally stopped, 551 innocent children lay dead and over 3,000 more children were injured.

What was to become of the memory of these children that perished? And did the world understand the injured children languished in hospitals for months and years? Cathy was appalled and was determined to make sure no one forgot these children.

In 2015, Cathy Castro began creating a large quilt stitched together with painted block images decorated with loving messages. People from around the world sent these beautiful, painted pieces to Cathy who then stitched them into a quilt; 56 heartfelt messages to honor the memory of the 551 children killed in the attack in the summer of 2014.

The collective images on the quilt symbolized the solidarity and love people felt for the children of Gaza, hoping they realized they were not forgotten and that it would give them some joy. Cathy named the quilt “Blanket of Love for Gaza”.

What is the Blanket of Love for Gaza project?

Threads of Peace, Inc., the nonprofit organization which sponsored Blanket of Love for Gaza, wanted to expand the project beyond one commemorative quilt and give children in Gaza's hospitals their own replica of the quilt. Therefore, fleece blankets of the Blanket of Love for Gaza will be manufactured with your help. Our goal is to produce these fleece blankets with images from the original quilt and provide them to each pediatric unit in Gaza's hospitals.

The Blanket of Love for Gaza project was created to open up a discussion about Gaza and raise the money necessary to give each hospitalized child in Gaza a “Blanket of Love" plus medical supplies with a portion of the proceeds from the fundraising effort.

The campaign has already received accolades and approval by such notable people as the cartoonist Carlos Latuff, who has graciously consented to the use of any and all of his cartoon images for the project.

Where are the blankets going and how many will be produced?

The Blanket of Love for Gaza project would like to produce blankets for each of the children currently in hospitals in Gaza and maintain a reserve of blankets for those that may come in the future. The children will be able to keep these blankets.

The following is a partial list of the hospitals where the blankets will go:


Shuhada Al Aqsa

Abu Yousef Al-Najjar

European Hospital

Indonesian Hospital

Turkish Hospital (opens in the first quarter of 2017)

Estimated cost of producing the blankets - Target goal of fundraising

While it is impossible to know the exact number of patients in hospital now or in the future, this is the approximate goal for approximately 325 customized blankets:


Pricing per blanket (approx. $23/per unit) excluding the added expense of printing, shipping and handling.

UPDATE: As a result of a generous donation of fabric, our campaign will be allocating 50% of ALL donations towards medical supplies in Gaza.

Threads of Peace, Inc.

Threads of Peace, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising awareness about human rights issues via artistic expression Blanket of Love For Gaza is one of its initiatives. If you are a US citizen, your donation is tax exempt.

Threads of Peace, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered in the USA. Registration number: 3904697.

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