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Black Ink

Black Ink has been organized for a few years without any budget—completely out-of-pocket. When someone has PayPalled $50 dollars because they're into our mission (more about that below) we turn it right around to our Black contributors. Non-Black contributors to the project have never made a cent—in fact, have only spent money to keep the site running.

Our Mission

Black Ink is a site that publishes and circulates content related to Black liberation, Black life, as well as anarchism and antiauthoritarian movements more broadly. We publish content that ranges from flash muckraking to editorial pieces that critique things happening in our communities (from Michigan to California and elsewhere) to boosts of work by comrades who've requested boosting to longform essays to visual art and propaganda; on Instagram one of our members curates stories, posts, and info related to rebellion, art, and liberation.

Our Fundraising Desire

What we want is to raise funds from folks with extra—in this moment of radical transformation in which so many people are looking around for rebels to support. We want to pay better honorariums to our Black contributors, and we want to invite you to play a part in abetting their labor of creating a new world.


Header graphic: detail of a painting by Black Ink member Kavonna Smith.

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Team Members

Jeff Clark