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Want to be part of a new affordable housing model?

Want to find a way to own your own home without having to live with your parents til you're 50?

Or for the long-suffering parents out there, wouldn't it be nice to to have your home back to yourselves, at least for a couple of years before the kids inherit it?

At Big World Homes we've found a way to do it!

Imagine if you ordered a house online, it’s delivered flatpacked (think big scale Ikea furniture) and you and a friend assemble it within a few days just using a hammer and a drill.

You avoid the insane costs of land and labour by locating your home in a Big World site, which we've negotiated for you with our hosting partners. You get to increase your savings while living in a vibrant urban community close to work and play!

We are raising funds to build the very first Big World Home, and we need your help to get there!

A Big World Home costs 65K to build. Your contributions will directly cover the material costs to build the first Big World Home, which we will experience building together as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival.

Once our first home has been built, people will be able to see it and even book it to get an insider experience into how it works, and how living in it would be, and we are well on our way to changing the face of Sydney housing!

So lets get this first Big World Home happening!

Get on board any way you want. Donate big or small, it all helps.

Donate* directly, or choose one of our great rewards!

[*Big World Communities is undergoing registration as a non-profit and will be able to accept tax-deductible donations. However, please note that tax-deductible donations cannot attract a reward.]

For anyone who donates, you are invited to join our team (as critic or optimist!) to help forge the path for Big World Homes:

1. Choose your Role (and Rewards) in the exclusive Big World Homes 'Founding Collective':

2. Your name and any creative materials you send as part of your Role will be included in the book: 'The BIG LIFE of the first Big World Home', to be published by SOUP.

Donate & Join our adventure today!

We're looking for like-minded people - those who want to join with others and share ideas, build movements and break all the rules.

Or, if you'd just like to beat the system, here’s your chance!

Early Sponsors.

Big World Homes is delighted to announce our early Sponsors and wish to thank them for their support and generosity!

A little more about Big World Homes:

We're thinking laterally about land-labour-market expenses.

By dis-locating land costs and labour expenses a Big World Home cuts up to 80% of the typical costs of a commensurate stand-alone dwelling, and comes to the market from AUD$65K per home. This offers a young person or couple a transitional housing solution so that they can cease renting and direct their savings to home ownership.

We've created a flat-packed solution.

  • Each Big World Home is a modular, portable, flat-packed housing system made from structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels.
  • It's made from low environmental impact materials to create an off-grid home made from a combination of digitally manufactured and off-the-shelf components.
  • A Big World Home can be built by two people over a few days with on-line technical support and minimal tools, making incredible savings on labour.

But where does the land come from?

Big World Homes works in partnership with developers, councils, community groups and individual landowners to locate Big World Homes off-grid communities on unused land.

  • This might be land awaiting development, or land that is unused in the long term. Or it could be the back yard of someone wanting to increase the activation and value of their site.
  • Big World Communities bring vitality and life to these sites, building place and embedding culture.
  • Landowners build public and local community good-will and have an affordable way to make use of their land.
  • Cultural events enhance community life, e.g. arts, education, music, gardening, markets, kid's programs, multicultural activities.

We're reinventing the word 'luxury.'

It used to mean extravagance, opulence and excess. Our new definition is living life on your own terms, without a huge mortgage hanging over your head or pressure to stay in a job that you hate.

A home that grows with you.

As families grow they can reconfigure their Big World Home, adding extra modules to accommodate their needs. They don’t need an enormous deposit to get started.

What your donation will go towards: Target = 65K

  • This is the direct materials cost of the first Big World Home. It includes all material costs and no design or service fees. The materials breakdown includes (in order of expense):
    - CNC milled structural plywood pieces
    - Trailer platform, axels, wheels & brake
    - Photovoltaic power system
    - Cladding & glazing
    - Water tank & plumbing
    - Internal joinery & fittings
    - Fridge, shower, stove, toilet, washing machine
    - Insulation
    - Electrical wiring
  • In the first year, this first Big World Home will host you (our Product Tester backers), and Ella, our Chief Human Guinea Pig (aka Ambassador - see below).
  • This Home will be owned by Big World Communities, the registered non-profit* that is tasked with negotiating the land partnerships for tiny home owners.
  • Big World Communities will hold the home in perpetuity as a show home and on-demand residence for eligible affordable housing candidates.

Who's behind this?

The Core Team

Alexander Symes - Founder & Architect

Alex is a NSW registered, practicing Architect who combines a scientific approach to sustainability, a pragmatic response to budget and function, and a poetic approach to how an environment is experienced. With over 14 years experience working for Arup, g+v Architecture and Gunter Schwartz design, Alex has a diverse design and technical skill set – from the design of furniture to the world’s most sustainable skyscrapers.

Dr Joanne Jakovich - Strategy & Innovation

Dr Joanne Jakovich is an expert in collaborative innovation and its application to urban planning, development and stakeholder consultation. Joanne works with government and businesses on a diverse range of topics including corporate intrapreneurship, design thinking, business model innovation, citizen engagement in planning, collective impact, open innovation, creative and lateral thinking. She is the co-author of four books on innovation and urbanism and presents regularly to public and professional audiences.

Michelle Williams

Meet Ella!

In the lead up to this campaign, we announced a call for an emerging media talent to join the Big World Homes team and live in the first ever home to share the story with the world of it’s lifestyle. http://bigworldhomes.com/ambassador

And we were blown away by Ella Colley, who’s thirst for adventure and her impressive work to date using interactive documentaries for social goals won our hearts. From a very young age Ella has dedicated herself to improving the lives of young people, particularly young Australians. She’s going to be sharing more with you as this campaign progresses!

Now it's time to jump on board and donate to help us reach our goal!

We know that when good people come together for the right reasons, there is no limit to what can be achieved!

For more information about Big World Homes, head to our web page or call +61-409-204-236 -- We love to chat!

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Team Members

Joanne Jakovich

Alex Symes

Andrew Shanks

Ben Romalis

Branko Jaric

Carli Leimbach

Ella Colley

Kevin Bathman

Kimberley Knight

Manuela Kim

Micky Du

Rhys Knight

Vishal C Joshi

Zara Choy