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For far too long the bisexual+ community has been overlooked and marginalised. We are not confused and this isn't a phase.

We are here, we are proud and deserve to be seen. 2019 is our year and its time to make some changes happen.

The lack of recognition and at times, exclusion of the bisexual community has left us feeling disconnected, isolated and unsupported. This community faces some of the worst mental health rates, with 1 in 3 people attempting suicide. Yet we see no specific funding, no focused support and too often face stigma, bi-erasure and bi-phobia from gay and straight communities alike.

Bi+ Visibility is a national organisation that aims to empower bisexuals, create a community and drive change. We are here for you.

We are working to create a national agenda to incite policy change, to fight for more support and bring the B back to LGBT+!

We have successfully met with the amazing Senator Janet Rice, have support from Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and have the first Bi+ specific float in Sydney's Mardi Gras in many years!

This is just the start - help us make incredible changes for our community.

Join the #Bseen campaign by taking a selfie, post it, send it to us (@biplusvisibility) and let the world see you!

Join our Bi+ Visibility community here

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