Bets for Betty this November

By RSPCA Queensland

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Bet on Betty's Future

Betty is a beautiful 6 year old thoroughbred mare, with the most amazing personality, who loves the open space and being able to walk and run free from pain. Betty was a race horse – bred to provide entertainment for humans and to win lots of money for her owners through race winnings.

Betty, like many other horses came to the attention of the RSPCA through a call to the RSPCA contact centre on 1300 ANIMAL. A member of the public was concerned that Betty looked thin and appeared to not be walking properly.

When Inspector Julia attended the premises where Betty was housed, she could immediately see that Betty needed urgent vet care for a soft tissue injury on her right hind dorsal hock which showed signs of infection. More worryingly though was the left hind foot which had a severe hoof and distal limb injury that was causing severe pain and lameness for Betty – and had been for some time.

Betty also had some older injuries on her left fore-leg and she was also beginning to lose condition and this is very concerning especially when we later found out she was pregnant.

Some of Betty's injuries were left untreated for so long

She required extensive medical treatment and specialised farriery to enable her to be comfortable.

RSPCA QLD is only able to respond to the many animal welfare calls we receive across Queensland through the support of generous people like you – with only 2% government funding we need your help! Will you bet on Betty’s future and make a donation today?

Horse care is hugely expensive - can you help?

RSPCA seized Betty that day based on the lack of treatment that had been offered to Betty in recent years and she began her long journey to recovery. We bet on Betty’s recovery and also made sure her pregnancy was viable and that Betty could have a new start at life – one free from racing!

Each horse that comes into RSPCA care costs an average of $1,000 per month for food, vet care, medications, feet care… and the investigation and prosecution side of many of these cases is so much more!

RSPCA attended over 2,500 horse related calls in the last 12 months alone and we currently have 9 horses in foster care!

This November horse related animal welfare, care and protection will cost $26,000 – please can you help others like Betty by donating today and not betting on horse racing?

Please donate today

Betty gave birth to a lovely foal just 3 weeks ago and together they are living the high life – running and frolicking in the paddocks of their foster carer Anne’s property – free from the racing industry to live a normal life together.

There are many others like Betty who need your help today – please donate.

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