Berwyn COVID-19 Relief Fund

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COVID-19 impacts most vulnerable

The COVID-19 crisis impacts everyone in Berwyn, but it is most devastating to our neighbors who work minimum-wage jobs or who are ineligible for government assistance due to their immigration status. Those needing help include many of Awake’s program participants and community volunteers, who have reached out to us for help. Awake has responded by creating the Berwyn Community COVID-19 Assistance Fund to support our friends and neighbors. Because you care deeply about this community, Awake is asking for your help. Please join with us in providing funds to Berwyn families in need.

Families in need

For one of our participant families, this crisis has been catastrophic. Before the Stay at Home Order, the father worked in a restaurant and drove for a ride share company on his off days. The mother worked as a nanny, and the teenage son worked part-time in a retail shop. All three are now unemployed. They have gone through their savings (including dipping into money the son was saving for college) and expect to be out of money by mid-April. They are not eligible for the federal stimulus check and are afraid to apply for other assistance that might jeopardize their eventual citizenship.

You can help

You can make a huge difference for this family and others like them. Awake’s Board has committed $5,000 to providing $500 grants to families in need, and we challenge our supporters to match this amount. If we reach our goal, 20 families will receive money they need to help pay for rent, food, bills, and other essentials. 100% of the money raised will go directly to families in need.

Be the Good

$50 – No longer buying lunch every day? Help a family pay their May electricity bill.

$125 – Saving on your monthly Metra ticket? Turn your savings into a week of food for a family of four.

$500 – Fortunate enough to have a steady income? Sponsor a family with a full $500 grant.

$1,200 – Expecting a stimulus check but still working? Go big and donate your entire check.

Thank you for extending a hand to others at this difficult time. You are a testament to the power of community.

Awake is accepting applications to the relief fund online or via text beginning Friday, April 10. We will review applications and disburse grants every Friday. If you know someone in need, please send them to the application for assistance.

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