Help Belgium Kitchen in Calais

By Yassine Haj Idrissi

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A little bit of context

Since October, a group of young people from Brussels decided to go in the Jungle of Calais to help refugees. Step by step, they build a kitchen that provides now more or less 1000 meals per day.

But there’s a problem

We are all volunteers and we only work thanks to donations. These last times, there are more and more people in the Jungle.. And less and less donations. For the first time we were obliged to close the kitchen for 3 days. We don't want that happen again !

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We need to be sure that will never happen again. That's why we need support. Moreover, the holly month of Ramadan is coming soon and so need a big stock to keep providing 1000 meals per day and, why not, even more.

You can join us

Because it's a daily work, we need the maximum. As long as the Jungle exists, we will stay there to provide food. If the Jungle is destroyed, our next project is to do the same in Brussels, for all the persons in need.

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Yassine Haj Idrissi