#BeHeardNotHarmed - The Youth-led Campaign for Pill Testing

By Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia

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Australia's current drug policies have failed to stop young people dying from dangerous substances.

We're asking for pill testing services in Australia, now.

Pill testing is proven to:

  • warn people about dangerous drugs and unwanted contaminants

  • reduce drug overdoses

  • reduce harmful drug use

  • connect young people to harm reduction services

Despite this, state governments refuse to see reason and the views of those most affected by this issue -young people- are not included in the debate.

We need our government to wake up, and start listening to young people.

We're asking Australian state governments to legalise and fund pill testing services at events, festivals, and fixed site locations now.

#BeHeardNotHarmed is Australia’s first national, youth-led campaign in support of pill testing. Led by Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia (SSDP) and Dancewize, #BeHeardNotHarmed is the campaign standing up for government funded pill testing services at temporary locations, such as music festivals, and fixed site locations, such as hospitals, needle and syringe providers (NSPs) and drug consumption rooms.

Data collected from substances tested would also contribute to an early warning system, using public health channels to inform festival attendees, event patrons, and the wider public of the circulation of dangerous adulterants within the Australian drug market.

This information will save lives. Our friends, our family, our peers.

Your donation will help us change drug policy in Australia - now.

SSDP relies on the power of passionate volunteers and supporters. Every little bit donated will help us create historic change to Australian policy. Pill testing is not the only reform we need to keep young Australians safe, but it is a policy we have the power to change and implement, fast.

Your donation will be used to promote our message in countless ways, from printing colourful banners, t-shirts and posters to creating powerful public messages like our campaign video.

By donating, signing the petition, and liking and sharing our campaign, Australia’s first national, youth-led campaign to legalise pill testing services in Australia will also be the last.

Speak out, stand up, join in. #BeHeardNotHarmed

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