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Birthing outcomes are plummeting globally!

1 in 3 birthers will leave the experience traumatized and will suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

The rise of postpartum mental illness is staggering with 1 in 5 suffering from postpartum depression or anxiety.

The number of birthing people dying in childbirth keeps rising in the US, with women of colour dying 2-6 times more often.

People deemed ‘obese’ by a flawed scale are mistreated by health care providers.

Interventions causing trauma are common place in the birthing space and are dramatically exceeding the rates outlined by the World Health Organization.

Transgender & gender-non-conforming birthers are invisible within reproductive policies.

Birth needs to be safe.

Birthers need agency and autonomy over their bodies. Marginalized communities need & deserve better birth outcomes.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are changing this outcome through training programs offered online to a global market. Our team has been in the trenches working with birthing people and training reproductive health practitioners for the last 10 years.

Our programs are affordable, supports those with (in)visible disabilities and supports parents who cannot otherwise go back to school.

We are training advocates to positively change birthing outcomes and who support birthing people and new parents with finding their advocacy voice. We are nurturing a global community.

A very different culture from both the patriarchal boardroom model and the female-centric multi-level marketing industry, bebo mia offers opportunities for women to work from home while making an income for themselves and their family.

We develop inclusive, accessible trainings for women* that provide the skills needed to grow and sustain a lucrative business.

bebo mia's mission statement hasn't changed since we first launched in 2008:

To connect women* to their intrinsic value & power.

There are people who can help change the outcome and they cannot afford the education and business support needed as they themselves are living on a low to no income.

bebo mia inc. offers scholarships to women*, who are struggling financially, in order to create access to the opportunity to grow a business while being home with their children. This will provide them with financial stability while they positively impact the birthing outcomes in their own communities.

This amazing ripple effect is changing the world. It is strengthening families. It is lowering PTSD and postpartum mood disorders. It is ensuring birthing people feel nurtured and supported and respected during one of the most important moments of their lives.

You can be a part of this change.

We are looking for community scholarships to offer to 5 more women* for September. This scholarship will provide each recipient with their full tuition and business training so they can start and grow a thriving business to take care of themselves, their families and support their communities.

Your efforts will be doubled!

bebo mia inc. will match dollar for dollar the community scholarship for Fall 2018.

bebo mia inc. has offered over $45,000 in full and partial scholarships over the last 18 months! This has created jobs for dozens of people as well as launched that many more fertility, birth and postpartum support practitioners.

"bebo mia gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. As a scholarship recipient, they have literally given me a hand up." - Amanda Russell (Fall 2016 scholarship recipient)

*We use the term ‘women’ in our mission and throughout some of our values work. We define women as women-identified, femme-presenting, two-spirited, genderqueer, trans-inclusive, gender-non-conforming, androgynous, agender, intersex, bigender, gender questioning, gender fluid, butch, non-binary, queer positive or any person that would like to be included in this definition.

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