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What is Scribblers Festival?

"To put on a festival of children’s literature is an act of love and handing things forwards, it’s an act of optimism in this world of storm and panic, it’s an act of hope and a signal to the kids of Perth, and WA, and Australia, that we care about them.” - A.F. Harrold, Guest Illustrator, 2018

Scribblers Festival is a literature and arts festival for young people. Our inaugural festival attracted almost 10,000 people from Perth and beyond to celebrate the magic that only stories can create. Nearly 7000 curious minds were fueled with creative talks, workshops, and hands-on making during our FREE Family Weekend at The Goods Shed. And more than 3000 students' imaginations were sparked from 36 schools, by authors and illustrators from around the world during our three-day Schools Program.

But not all schools have the resources to attend events like these. If you loved Scribblers Festival and want to help make it even bigger and better next year, why not be a Scribblers Superhero? Your super powers can have double the impact - any amount over the $10,000 goal will go towards ensuring we can keep as much of the Family Program as possible FREE - making inspiration accessible to all.

Help us ignite more imaginations like these, from some of the kids who attended Scribblers Festival:

“I would like to figure out how dreams are created…”

“I like the poem where you could find a lion under your toast. Maybe I could find a shark fin in my glass of milk!”

Why do we need superheroes?

Scribblers Festival would not have been possible without the generous support from our community partners. In 2018, we were able to provide complimentary tickets to five schools who couldn’t afford to attend the Schools Program, but with your help, we know we can do more!

$10,000 = 10,000 smiles!

Our campaign target of $10k will help 10 schools attend next year’s festival. It will cover the costs of tickets and transport to ensure more kids can enjoy the magic of storytelling.

Your help keeps it FREE

Any additional support received beyond our goal will help us keep as many events as possible on our Family Weekend Program FREE.

"The most important thing I tell children is that while perfectionism can be a good thing, it's vital that you allow yourself to take a step back and play, see what happens, and let it be what it is." - Chris Riddell, Guest Illustrator, 2018

How can you help?

Spencer and his Scribblers Team need you to don your superhero cape and use your superpowers to help make Scribblers Festival 2019 bigger and better – especially for children in schools without the resources and opportunities to attend events like Scribblers Festival. So what do you say? For as little as $10, you could inspire young minds and be a Scribblers Superhero.

Here’s what some of the teachers who brought their classes to this year’s Schools Program had to say:

“They loved the festival! The children were engaged throughout each session and enjoyed the opportunity to interact with real authors and illustrators.”

“It motivated them. We saw four very different authors and illustrators who all create stories and images in very different ways. I loved seeing how different mediums connected with different students and how important it is to source many different forms of literature in the classroom.”

“They loved it. So many great opportunities to learn from and interact with authors.”

“The presenters were extraordinary. Their sessions were pinpointed at their junior audience perfectly and the children loved being able to ask questions and show their work. We especially loved Leigh Hobbs and his colourful characters!”

“Storytelling teaches children how to write effectively and engages them in learning about the world.”


As we are a registered charity, all donations at tax deductible.

Donate via phone

If you'd prefer to make a donation via a friendly human, please call Loredana on 08 9226 2799.

Prize collection

Please note that all (physical) prizes must be collected from The Goods Shed, Claremont, at the end of the campaign, unless you live in regional Western Australia. We'll contact you after the campaign with more details.

See the magic for yourself

Check out our Facebook Photo Albums! And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up on all of the Scribblers fun.

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