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Everyone loves to party!

Going out to party can be fun, but it might come with certain risks.

“Harm reduction” includes any service, product, or piece of knowledge that might reduce the risk of harm done when facing daily life.

What is harm-reduction?

It can be as simple and well known as the importance of wearing a seat belt while in a vehicle, or wearing a helmet while riding a bike.

Harm reduction also includes wearing earplugs when at a loud concert or festival to reduce the likelihood of acquiring hearing loss, or ensuring to drink ample amounts of water while partying to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Harm reduction could also include providing information regarding licit and illicit substances and recent trends in the party scene to reduce the risk of harm done when choosing to use substances.

In relation to substances

Having the knowledge and capacity to differentiate something harmful from what you intended to consume can mean the difference between a fun time out, and a night in the emergency.

We plan to facilitate safe partying by running an awareness campaign about dangerous substances, and activities which you may come across. By providing some items such as earplugs, condoms, and drug information cards, you can make more wise decisions when out for the night.

We neither condone nor condemn substance use but believe that educating yourself about it is important if you choose to use.

How does BaySafe help?

BaySafe is an outreach team working to educate party-goers about how to have fun safely.

As we know that youth and young adults might choose to experiment with substance use regardless of the "just say no" style campaigns, BaySafe holds a non-judgemental perspective that neither condones nor condemns substance use.

We empower people to make healthy, informed lifestyle choices through education and services that will assist in easing the potential harm done when engaging in these types of activities.


How can you help us?

By donating you are helping us to continue operating on-site at events.

We need help raising funds to allow us to keep doing what we are doing! Here is a quick demo video of some of the types of supplies we need to continually repurchase and will be offering onsite at events.

*note: drug testing kits are not used by us at events, we can help connect you with your own kits and information about testing.*

Impact so far

Events attended: 41

Number of visitors: 3576 

...More information to come

Contact us at:

If you are interested in volunteering with us:

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Team Members

Marcus Agombar

Ashley Brimmell