Battle for Bylong

By Bylong Valley Protection Alliance Incorporated

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After writing to the Minister for Planning we have been advised we will now have 6 weeks now to respond to KEPCO's EIS, instead of the 4 weeks we had orginally thought. Better than 4, but still not very much time!

The Bylong Valley

The pristine Bylong Valley has some of NSW’s best agricultural land and has historically hosted beef, dairy and crop farming and horse breeding. Today it is predominantly beef cattle and lucerne hay production, with some crops.

The valley has a long and proud thoroughbred breeding history. Since the 1850s it has bred thoroughbred horses, including racing champions and 'Walers' which carried the WW1 Light Horse Brigades.

The Bylong Valley's beauty is renowned and it is a National Trust listed Landscape Conservation Area (2013), based on its ‘prime agricultural land with a rural landscape of exceptional scenic value’. The National Trust also notes the major scientific significance of the area, stemming from implementation of Peter Andrews' Natural Sequence Farming on the internationally renowned 'Tarwyn Park'.

The future of the valley hangs in the balance

The future of the Bylong Valley hangs in the balance. Korean-owned KEPCO are buying up the valley ahead of plans to develop a massive new coal project. KEPCO has plans for two open cut coal mines (to operate for 10 years) and an underground mine (to operate for 20 years), to dig up 6.5 million tonnes of thermal coal a year, with 24/7 operations.

If this big new mine complex goes ahead it will transform the pristine and productive valley into a series of coal pits and industrial coal infrastructure.

We can protect the valley, but we need you

In the coming weeks the "Environmental Impact Statement" for this proposed mine will be released. This is a huge document that details how the mine would operate and manage its impacts on the existing environment.

KEPCO have had years to prepare this plan and we have only a few weeks to respond.

We want to enlist the help of experts to properly scrutinise this massive new mining project. But we don't have much time, and we can't afford to get expert advice without your help.

Specialist expertise would be valuable in assessing areas of KEPCO's mining plan including:

  • Hydrology/Hydrogeology
  • Economics
  • Ecology
  • Agricultural Impacts
  • Air Quality/Dust
  • Noise
  • Aboriginal and European Heritage
  • Social Impacts
  • Subsidence

Without independent expert analysis the key information the government has available to rely on in its assessment of this mine is from the mining company itself.

As a small community we need your help to be able to afford to pay for expert analysis. Independent scrutiny of this proposed mine is vital. Can you help?

Find out more

Read more about the Battle for Bylong at, or find us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @battleforbylong.

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