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Floods in Bangladesh

Everyone knows that Bangladesh has lots of rivers and that it floods fair bit. So you might think it's no big deal that floods are happening again this year...

But this year is different!

The floods currently impacting Bangladesh (and also neighbouring India and Nepal) are far from normal. In fact, the Jamuna River - the world's second largest river - recently peaked at a near-record mark and around 35% of the country has been inundated.

Nearly 100 people have died and millions have been displaced from their homes. Most are camped along roadsides where food and clean water is scarce.

A simple and effective solution

Symbiosis has been working in Bangladesh for 22 years and we have a great deal of experience conducting emergency relief programs.

Our staff have surveyed the worst affected areas and are ready to begin distributing low-cost emergency relief kits to flood-affected families.

Each kit costs just $25 and contains the following: 10kg of rice, 1kg of lentils, other essential food items, oral saline (for treating diarrhoea) and water purification tablets.

Help us get kits to 500 families

We are aiming to raise $12,500 in 12 days to provide flood-relief kits to 500 families, ensuring they have enough enough to eat during this critical period.

Each $25 gift (tax-deductible) covers the cost of one kit which will provide for the basic needs of one family. To achieve our goal of delivering 500 kits we need your help today!

Donations received in excess of the campaign target will be used for the ongoing community development program of Symbiosis.

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