Balkan Super League 2019

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Every kid dreams of competing at the highest level...

We've worked hard to create a Balkan Super League that all rugby league players can dream of winning. We have realized our goal of creating a continental competition and in 2019 we're excited to see the Balkan Super League expand to Italy. 

But there are direct costs for our competing teams...

Accommodations, transport, meals and necessary team equipment is expensive. With many of our teams and players coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds we need your help to make the 2019 competition a success.

With help from our rugby league family we can support the 2019 teams...

We have teams from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Italy. Each team is amateur and relies on players taking time off work and paying their own expenses.

We believe that if the rugby league family supports this competition, we will see the rise of a new professional European competition in the near future.

Any help is appreciated...

Like so many families, the rugby league family goes above and beyond to support one another. The truth is without the support of our rugby league family we would not be able to stage this exciting, ground-breaking competition. 

Follow us on Facebook at Balkan Super League...

We will keep you up to speed on our fundraising results, preparation for the 2019 competition and results throughout the 2019 season.

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