Beyond Bags

By Vincent

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What It's Like

Now 20, Larnie was removed from her mother when she was two years old and never returned to live with her. She spent 12 years with her first foster family, and at the time she had no idea why she had been taken into care.
My mum’s alcoholism made her unable to protect me.
She says her first foster family were all she knew, but remembers being teased about being a foster kid at school.
I would hear comments that I was a foster kid and my mum didn't want me; she didn't love me.
I guess I was a victim of bullying, just because they didn't understand. They didn't know the reason I was brought into care and at that stage I didn't know either.

Children In Crisis

Children who are taken from their home in urgent situations are genreally are taken with nothing with nothing, No toothbrush, no spare change of clothes other than the ones on their back.

What we do

We sell a varity of bags where 100% of the profit is donated to CrossRoads - an organisation dedicated to helping children in crisis. They will then use the donations to make backpacks full of essentials give to children in need.

Support us

You can help support us and our cause by purchasing one of our three bags.

Our Products

Cream Tote bag
Black Drawstring
Black Bumbag

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