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A little bit of context

On 15-20 October I will be part of an adventure of a lifetime as an Ambassador for Backpacks for SA Kids. The adventure will be filmed by Charity TV and shown on one of the major channels. I have undertaken to raise money for this project and this fantastic charity.

But there’s a problem

Sadly, not all kids are raised in a caring, loving environment. Sadly, there is a big call on this charity for much needed funds to meet the needs of the increasing number of children placed into emergency care.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

This charity helps relieve some of the uncertainty children face when they are removed from their family - often leaving possessions and comforts behind. To reassure and comfort our kids with with a backpack of essential items that we all take for granted is such a worthwhile cause.

You can join us

I am aiming to raise $5,000 for Backpacks for SA Kids. I would love your support !

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