Awake 2018 Annual Campaign

By Awake

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2018 was a good year at Awake

Community members like you create a summer Science Club where children learned to take risks and have fun with science. Donors provided a Summer Reading Program where 90% of participants improved their reading skills, created a fall workshop series and helped support residents organizing around immigrant rights in the community and transgender rights in our schools.

We have big dreams for 2019

We want to start a music program for youth and adults that makes private and group instruction accessible for our community. We want to provide more mini-grants to local groups organizing for positive change. We want to bring Spanish language classes to children and adults. And we want to increase our capacity by hiring a part-time staff person.

You can make these dreams come true

Donors are the driving force of Awake's work. Join with Awake board members, volunteers, and program leaders to develop leadership, justice, and good relationships in our community. Help us rise up and provide educational programs and community organizing support.

Join this effort

Donate $15 and join forces with other donors in supporting the Berwyn community.

Donate $30 and provide one week of snacks or a set of books for the Summer Reading Program.

Donate $60 and sponsor a community initiative by supplying flyers or childcare for a group meeting.

Donate $100 and cover the cost of a teacher for a cooking or art workshop.

Donate $300 and develop leadership in a high school program aide in Awake's Science Club or Summer Reading Program.

Please give

Give today and your gift will be multiplied. One of our generous donors is committed to magnifying your gift. For every two dollars you give, this donor will give an extra dollar. Your gift of $30 becomes $45, $150 magically becomes $225, and $300 becomes a whopping $450!

Thank you for your generous heart

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Team Members

Lisa Polderman

Astrid Schuler

Shawnda Steer

Will Hudson